A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj

AT LAST.......

A  REAL LIVE snowstorm!   And it looks like there is FINALLY enough snow to go outside and PLAYYYY!   Riley just can not decide what fun thing to do when she gets outside though!   Shall she make snow angels??  A snow fort???  Or shall she have a snowball fight??  Or just maybe.... Mommy will help Riley make a Snowbuddy! 

As we can see, Riley is rarin' to go!  She is wearing her warm angora sweater, flannel skirt, her tights . . . . .and a cuddly angora scarf is wound around her neck to keep her especially warm! .   I think she looks a bit like a little snow person herself, don't you??

One thing is certain...she is DEFINITELY   . . . . .


Flannel Kilt-style Skirt 
Riley is wearing a loosely pleated flannel skirt in a check of black and hand dyed seafoam green...  She is wearing her above the knee skirt in a kilt style, with the fringed edge to the side front.  A row of onyx beads accent the edge, and a bead and loop closure keeps the skirt snug around her waist.  The skirt bottom is also fringed to match the kilt opening.. 

Handknit Angora Sweater
Blending perfectly with her skirt, Riley wears a beautiful pale seafoam green angora sweater.  The sweater is worn turtleneck style with back snap closures hidden beneath a row of tiny onyx beads.   A perky little "Snow Buddy" decorates the sweater front, done in a combination of applique, embroidery and beading.  Shimmery snowflakes and sparkly beads "flutter"  about.  Tiny black seed beads embellish the bottom edge of the sweater, and check bands accent the sleeves.


Knit Cap  &  Angora Scarf
A pull on cap made of black knit fabric keeps Riley's ears warm.  A fanciful fringed "pouff" sits atop the hat tied with angora cords featuring onyx beads.  Riley loves the way the beads swing when she shakes the snow from hat!!  A smattering of beads and snowflakes decorate the brim of the hat.

Around her neck, Riley is wearing a long thin black angora scarf with fringed ends.. 

Riley's Needle Felted "Snow Buddy"
So Riley won't be TOOOO sad when her REAL snow buddy melts, I have needle felted her a little "snow buddy" to match the  friend she has appliqued on her sweater, earmuffs and all!   This little guy will last forever . . . . . and is a bit warmer to hold as well!

(My doll and her boots are not included in this auction.)

Currently, I design and create all of my ensembles as One Of A Kind fashions.  Each article of doll "art" is my own design, and each is crafted and fit specifically for Riley,   
Attention to detail is my focus in these ensembles, and most feature various combinations of needlework such as embroidery, applique,  beading, and crosstitch.   I individually design all needlework and embellishments to accent the specific garment, and it is ALWAYS hand rendered..   All hems are hand stitched, bodices lined and seams hand finished or enclosed.  I also handcraft most of the accessories that accompany my outfits.  
My Mother works with me on these ensembles, providing her perspective and opinions as well as making the lovely knitted items that are the cornerstone of many of the outfits.
With each ensemble, I strive to achieve a blend of quality and originality.  It is my hope that owning it will give you as much pleasure as it brought me making it.