Pretzel Day!!
A Soft Pretzel.......Philadelphia Style
for Riley Kish


Crisply Pleated Skirt in Plaid Cotton
Delicate White Batiste Blouse w/ Embroidery Accent
Classic Wool Felt Vest Trimmed w/ Braid & Embroidery
Wool Felt Tam with Embroidered Accents
Riley's Purse and Pretzel $$
Painted Shoes * Anklets
 Soft pretzel (no mustard) 


Guess what today is??? 

It is PRETZEL DAY at school!  What fun!  ....and Riley is all ready for her treat.  Mom has put Riley's twenty-five cents on a card in her purse....Just enough to buy one bigggg....warmmmm......sallllty ......
Isn't the end of the year fun with all of these special treats??!



Boy.......doesn't that pretzel look GOOD????
What a great treat for a fun spring day at school!  But ....What is this....???
No Mustard?