A PATRIOTIC PARADE....(and Picnic)....
for Riley Kish


"Little Miss Liberty"

Don't look now, but isn't that Miss Liberty getting  ready to walk down Main Street in the AMERICA IS GREAT Parade?  (Riley's town combines all of the summer's patriotic holidays into one big celebration)  Yes....that IS Riley....dressed up as Miss Liberty ...complete with her crown and her torch!  And she is pulling little PEACE, FREEDOM, & COURAGE bears in her festively decorated wagon!   Riley is sure to win a prize ....if not for "BEST FLOAT"...at least for cutest participant!

And the best is yet to come!  After the parade is a HUGEEEE picnic!  What fun!  Riley can't wait for the beautiful fireworks display!



Reversable Pleated Skirt
Features dual layers of vintage fabrics in a crisply pleated wrap style.  
The underskirt is made of Red/Ecru striped woven oxford cloth,
and is topped with a navy cotton fabric sprinkled with flocked stars.


Red Wool Felt Jacket
Bolero style felt jacket with embroidered bullion knot roses.
Accented with gold stars and picot trim.

Wool Felt beret
Jaunty felt beret embroidered with a cream colored "rose". accent.


Handknit Red Sweater
Short sleeved cardigan embellished with tiny embroidered flowers.
Accented with gold stars


Capri Style Play Suit
One-piece play suit features a trio of vintage fabrics. 
The capris are  made of red/white striped oxford cloth and are paired with a
straped bodice  of vintage white  pique.  
The inset waistband is made of flocked navy starred fabric., echoing the skirt.


Handcrafted Sandals

Riley's "Float" (Her crown and torch too!)


I don't know about you...but I know I sure would vote for Riley if I was a judge!  What an adorable Little Miss Liberty she is!