NUTS about......FALL!!!!


A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj

Riley is NUTS......

. . . . . . about FALL that is!!!  And there is NOTHING more fun than the woods in the fall!   Riley is so lucky!!  Her cousin is taking her on a "woodland walk" this sunny Saturday see what they can see!! 

Will they see .....Pretty colored trees??  OF COURSE?  Piles of crispy leaves???  Yep!......and how about a BEARRRRRR???  Heavens NO!  But I bet they DO see a few animals scurring about collecting their winter dinners!  No matter what sights they see and treasures they find....It is sure going to be fun!..

Pleated Jumper 
Riley's new jumper combines a crisply pleated cotton plaid  skirt with a soft wool felt bodice.  The bodice features lapels accented with the plaid of the skirt and finished off with a tiny button.  The jumper has a front opening and button covered snaps form the closures.  The jumper is colored in the subtle but rich greens and browns that echo the shades and tones of the  woods. 

Knit Turtleneck Top
Under her jumper, Riley wears a white turtleneck top made of interlock cotton knit fabric.  It features an appliqued cluster of oak leaves and an acorn on the bodice.  The turtleneck to has back snap closures.

Handknit Angora Sweater
The woods can be chilly this time of year, .even when the sun is brightly shining - so Riley is taking along her new angora cardigan sweater..  It is made of soft, thick angora yarn in a rich, deep hunter green color.  The front panels of the sweater each sport an appliqued cluster of leaves and acorns.  The sweater has a bead and loop closure at the neck.

I was unable to capture the true color of Riley's sweater in my photos.  I have included a scan so you can get a more accurate view of the color and the detailing, though I don't think it really shows much more.!  


Wool Felt Beret

 Handpainted Shoes & Knee Socks

Riley's Gathering basket..............
and her new little Woodland Friend!

Well...Riley and her cousin sure did find some autumn goodies in the woods today, didn't they??  Riley is carrying her little basket...just brimming with leaves, pine cones and acorns!  And who is that eyeing those acorns??  It looks like Riley made a new friend!!  She makes friends WHERE EVER she goes, doesn't she??


 Riley's pretty cousin has a  coordinated ensemble!  Don't they make adorable pair??