Hand knit Sweater Trimmed with Lace and Embroidered Rosebuds
Full Legged Romper made from Vintage 1930's Fabric
Knit Hat Embellished with Lace and Pearl Accented Bow
May DayBouquet

It is May Day!   And what a perfect day for a birthday!  Riley's Grandpop Reid is the lucky one......and wait 'til he sees the suprpise she has for him this year!



SHHHH . . . . .

don't tell Grandpop, but Riley is tiptoeing up to his door this beautiful May Day morning!

It looks like she is hanging a traditional May Day Basket on his doorknob!

And as he is lucky enough to have his birthday on May Day - she made THIS basket EXTRA special!

May Day Baskets such a fun custom. . . . . . .and won't Grandpop be surprised!! Do you think he will suspect Riley????