The Holly Trail!

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish

by pj

 A Trail of Holly?......

Christmas time is here again, and Riley is, as expected, beside herself with anticipation!

She is ESPECIALLY excited tonight, as THIS year. . . for the very first time. . .  she is going with her family on their annual "Holly Trail"!  

Though not exactly sure what a Holly Trail is . . . .if it means she gets to spend time with her older cousin. . . AND she gets to stay out late. . . 
It MUST be great!

 Won't she be surprised to see all the pretty homes. . . . . dressed-up and just waiting for Santa to arrive! 

It is a tradition she will be sure to look forward to each year! 

But for now. . . .  Lets start trailing that Holly!!!


Fully Gathered Skirt "sprinkled" with Holly!
Riley is wearing a very fully gathered skirt made of crisp white pinwale corduroy, mill-embroidered with trailing holly leaves and berries.

Knit Turtleneck Top
Her classic turtleneck is made of a white cotton knit and snaps in the back. 

Appliqued Wool Felt Vest & Tam
As an accent to Riley's crispy full white skirt, she wears a Christmas red wool vest lined with a second layer of felt,  in dark green. . The green forms a subtle trim around  the edges as it peeks thru from the back.

Embroidered vines trail from the front to the back of the vest, intermingled with appliqued holly leaves and seed bead berries.  Green bows and trailing ribbons accent each side of the vest at the waist.  The vest is styled with a back snap opening. 

A red tam, accented with a green band, a small bow and a sprig of holly completes the outfit

Handknit Angora Sweater
Those December evenings are pretty chilly, so Riley is wearing  a  handknit cardigan in a soft snow white angora..   Twining vines and a smattering of appliqued holly leaves embellish both the front, back and the sleeves of the sweater. The sweater is trimmed at the bottom and the sleeves with tin seed pearls twined with thing green "vines".  Pearl bead buttons provide the front closure.

Angora Headband & Muff

Riley is wearing a simple headband knit of soft white angora.. . . . .PERFECT for keeping her ears toasty warm!.   And her matching angora muff keeps her fingers just as warm!

White Tights * Handpainted Shoes

Riley is wearing a pair of simple white tights (old store stock) . . . . . and her red shoes are painted with a sprig of holly  to coordinated with her outfit. 

Riley's Basket of Holly!

Boy, has Riley had fun tonight!  All those pretty Christmas trees...loys of giggling with her cousin...and THEN....bunches of holly for her very own basket! 

And she thinks she heard Mom say there are cookies and hot chocolate back at the church! 


Wow . . . . it sure is fun being a "big girl"!!!

Don't Bitty and Riley make a cute pair in their matching outfits??