A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj

She's Making a List.......

 A  CHRISTMAS LIST that is, .....with the help of Mommy of course!  Now Riley has her list in hand...and is all dressed up and ready for a day of Holiday Shopping with Grandmom ...... AND her favorite cousin.  And what a perfect day it is for a trip into town!  The sun is shining..and the air has a chill...  and Riley is bundled up in her cozy sweater and furry scarf, looking like the perfect little (warm) Holiday miss   

What a fun time they will have!  .
I sure hope she finds the perfect present for EVERYONE on her list! 

Pleated Skirt with Suspenders
Riley is wearing a densely pleated homespun cotton skirt in a plaid homespun fabric colored a cheerful cheerfulred, green and cream.,   The very full, "boot length" skirt is edged with crocheted trim in a soft ecru color.  Jaunty suspenders made of Tri-color braid attach to frosted red glass beads on the front of Riley's  waistband, and are permanently attached at the back snap closure. 

Knit Turtleneck Top
Riley is also wearing a knit turtleneck top that has back snap closures.   Accenting the bodice of the winter white colored top is an appliqued sprig of wool felt holly leaves with a cluster of seed bead berries.  . 

Handknit Cardigan Sweater
As the perfect accompaniment, Riley wears an adorable red wool handknit cardigan sweater.  The sweater features a full collar that is edged with crocheted trim to match her skirt.  A band of plaid encircles the bottom of the sweater, and a plaid bow masks the snap closure.  AT the neck is a bead and loop closure.  Appliqued holly leaves w/ seed bead berries accents the back of the sweater.. 

Wool Felt Beret * Angora Scarf
A beret made of winter white wool felt sits jauntily on Riley's head.  The beret is edged with tri-colored braid and two redd Berry" beads embellish her hair. . Around her neck, Riley is wearing a long thin angora scarf that features a large furry pompom at each end. 

Black Boots   &  Thigh-High Socks
Riley wears a pair of cotton above the knee socks that match her turtleneck, and on her feet she wears a fashionable pair of calf-high black boots laced with tri-colored braid.

Riley's  List, Present filled Shopping bag
(and an early gift from Grandmom)

..I think Riley and the "girls" are FINALLY home from their shopping trip!  And boy..There MUST be enough presents for everyone on her list..... May be there is one for you too!! 

And as usual... Grandmom couldn't wait for Christmas.  It seems that Riley met a new little Holiday friend on her travels! 

Isn't she such a lucky little girl??  



 Riley's pretty Bitty Bethany has a matching outfit!   Don't they make adorable pair??