FAIR-ly Sweet!!
for Riley Kish


Crisply Pleated dress with embroidered Collar, the skirt
featuring a medley of individually pieced fabric strips,
Rickrack trim and a Removable Sash.
Coordinated capris that peek beneath skirt,
with attached strapped bodice.
Handknit White sweater trimmed with Rickrack points
 and featuring a "floral bouquet"
Open Crowned  Sun Hat with wide brim and "floral" Accent
Handcrafted Sandals
Riley's "Prizes"

It is time for the CHURCH FAIR!

Yes...............it is that time of year again, and Dad and Riley are on their way to the fair right now!  And boy is she excited!  The rides...the games....the treats....and the PRIZES!!!!  What will they do first???  But you can be SURE they will do it ALL!!  Riley has her strip of tickets all ready.....and off the go!  Maybe Daddy will win her a prize this year!! 

One thing is definite......they will be SURE to have lots of fun!



And what is that that Riley is carrying?  It looks like she has cotton candy......now THAT is a treat that is just about as sweet as Riley herself!  And I see Dad WAS a winner!  Isn't that a Teddy Bear - complete with a pretty bow - that Riley is carrying under her arm?  How could Dad miss with Riley cheerng him on?!   Looks like this father/ daughter team had ANOTHER fun day!  Lucky Riley......Lucky Dad!!