A Fun Filled Day at the Shore
for Riley Kish


First the beach.....then the boardwalk!

A typical day at the shore for sweet litle Riley!  The Sand.... the Sun.... the Seashells.......and of course a SANDCASTLE!  Then after the sun to the boardwalk with Mommy and Daddy.  But what treat to get first?  ..ummmm....  Will it be ice cream....or popcorn, or a soft pretzel???  No!  First comes a cold, icy SNOW CONE!   Strawberry of course!  

Summer vacations are SOOOO much fun, aren't they??
......ESPECIALLY at the shore!


Two Piece Bathing Suit
Features an adorable halter style top and tiny full skirt with attached panties.  The pre-embroidered fabric is blue chambray and is accented with pink trim.  The "skirt" has a back snap closure and a pink bow.

Floppy Brim Hat
Open crowned sun hat made of blue chambray, again accented with pink trim.


Capri Style Pants
Included for Riley' trip to the boardwalk is a pair of wide leg capris in the chambray fabric, trimmed with pink accents.  The waistband has a back snap closure and features a bow..


Handknit Pink Sweater
Short sleeved cardigan trimmed in blue and accented with a tiny pocket and buttons.

Handcrafted Sandals

Riley's Beach & Boardwalk Accessories
Includes Riley's "beach umbrella", sand pail, beach bag & sandcastle. .  . . . . 
as well as her Boardwalk "goodies"!! 


Could Riley POSSIBLY carry another thing in her arms??  It looks like she (thanks to Mom and Dad).....has a little bit of EVERYTHING!!! 
........A typical Boardwalk adventure, wouldn't you say???