ASTERS are......PINK!
(and PURPLE too!)

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj

"Asters are PURPLE......
And SometimeThey're PINK...
Both look so Pretty
 on Riley I think!! "

. . . . . . sings Grandmom as she helps Riley get dressed in one of her new autumn outfits!  And adorable Riley looks, as the "duo"  gets ready to go shopping for fall flowers.  School has started. . . the days are crisp. . . .I guess it is time to pull out the fading summer blooms and plant some perky new fall plants.  How colorful they are. . . particularly the asters!

. . . . . The may be ALMOST as pretty as Riley !! 

Embroidered Felt Jumper
Riley's wool felt Jumper is richly colored in the purples and pinks of autumn.  It's style - a series of tapered panels featuring a scalloped lower edge - gives the skirt a playful yet feminine flair.  Accenting each panel is  an embroidered spray of Riley's pretty new fall flowers...  The  Jumper has back snap closures and is further embellished with a jaunty gingham bow and tiny buttons.

Knit Turtleneck Tunic & Tights
Under her jumper, Rily wears a turtleneck tunic over a pair of leg hugging tights.  Both are made of interlock knit in a rich dark purple, printed with a variety of  pretty little pink and lilac flowers.  The tunic top features deep pockets along the bottom edge - just the perfect place for Riley to keep her very own little trowel and hoe.  The top has back snap closures and is accented with a matching bow

Handknit Angora Jacket
Riley also is taking along her new angora jacket just in case it gets a bit nippy.  It is made of soft and thick angora yarn in a rich, deep violet/purple color.  The bottom border of the jacket is embroidered all the way around with a sampling of the fall flowers represented on Riley's Jumper and top.  Braid and additional flowers  embellish each sleeve.  The jacket has  bead and loop front closures.

As you see, I was unable to capture the true color of Riley's wonderful angora jacket in my photos.  I have included a scan of the jacket so you can get a more accurate view of the color and the detailing along the bottom edge...


Wool Felt Beret & Hat

Handpainted Shoes

Riley's Flower Filled Wheelbarrow .....and her "helper"

Grandmom and Riley sure had a busy day today!  Look at all the flowers they bought!   There may be enough for TWO gardens! 

It is so hard to resist the pretty colors...ESPECIALLY the pinks and purples!! (I bet Riley had a say in the color choice, don't you think??)