Leaf Leaping at Grandmom's!....

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish

by pj

 Leaves, Leaves Everywhere......

"Geez", says Riley, "There sure are alot of leaves on this lawn!   How many trees do you have Grandmom?? A bazillion???"

You see. . . . Riley and her cousin are spending the day with Grandmom and Grandpop, and leaf raking is the first thing on their schedule!  Actually, it is most likely the LAST thing as well, as they are spending more time jumping into the piles than raking!!

The leaves have such a variety of colors and shapes! And all so very pretty!!

Boy do they fly about when the little ones land right in the middle of the pile!   It looks like even MORE raking lies ahead of them all!!

As always...Riley is having a wonderful time at "work"!!   She sure thinks Fall is a great time of year!

Short Pleated Skirt & Suspenders
Riley is wearing a short kilt style pleated skirt in a bias cut plaid.  The plaid is colored in a striking blend of fall colors - black, khaki/green, and maroon..   A set of braided suspenders (not straps!) attach over tiny black glass beads on the waistband.  An embroidered flower sets off the side kilt opening and ties the skirt to the outfit's sweater perfectly. . 

Knit Turtleneck Top
Riley's classic turtleneck is made of a black ribbed cotton knit and snaps in the back.  A tiny bullion knot rose embellishes her collar, setting off that always adorable face.

.Handknit  Angora Sweater
Ever mindful of the fall chill, Riley's Mom has made sure to send her sweater along with her!  Her soft angora cardigan is handknit in a muted shade of pale olive green and picks up the green tints of her skirt to perfection.  A spray of flowers, embroidered on appliqued patches of felt and fabric, accents the front of the sweater.  Her sleeves echo that same plaid fabric in thin banded cuffs, and are further accented with small embroidered floral sprigs.  A braided cord is strung thru the sweater's collar tabs, and ties under Riley's chin to keep her cosy when the sun ducks beneath a cloud.  

Wool Felt Beret

Riley is wearing a classic beret made of maroon colored wool felt .  It is banded in fabric to match her skirt and accented with a single black glass bead.  

Tights * Handpainted Shoes

Riley is wearing  thin black tights that are vintage "store stock".  To ensure that they stay in place, I have sewn suspenders on them as well.  Riley just hates it when her tights fall down when she is playing!  

Her shoes are painted to accent her outfit. . . . as is a requirement when you are a mini fashion plate like our little girl! 

Riley's Wagon. . . and Friend!

It looks like the kids are FINALLY  finished their chores!

Riley was so facinated by the pretty colors of the leaves. . . she announced that she was taking a few home to keep!  I do NOT think Teddy is too happy with THIS arrangement!  Do you blame him??  The have almost edged him right out of "his" wagon!


Don't Riley and DJ make such a cute pair?