Too Soon .......
for School Supplies??

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj

 Too soon??...
  Or is it TOO LATE???
Any minute now..(according to Riley that is!) school will be starting...... so hadn't they BETTER go get her school supplies?
Not to mention..the most important thing.....her "Back to School" outfit! 

What to wear this year...hmmmmm  We'll have to see what Mom and Riley find on their trip into town! 

So many important jobs to do. . . and so little time!
It is only...what??  THREE WEEKS!!! 

EEEKKK! ! ! ! ! ........
They better go NOW before everything is GONE!

Short A-Line "Suede" Skirt
Riley is wearing a fashionably short A-line skirt made of navy blue Ultra-suede fabric.  It's front panel is accented with pakrika colored saddle stitching and a smattering of embroidered posies..  The skirt has a back flapped opening with a snap closure at the waistband.. 

Handknit Turtleneck Sweater
Paired with her "leather" skirt, Riley wears a handknit turtleneck sweater that is patterned with a variety of beautiful shades of paprika, navy, ecru and salmon tinged pink.  The sweater, which can also be worn with the opening in the front,  closes with tiny salmon colored agate beads.

Wool Felt Vest
Over her very perky outfit, Riley wears a short wool felt vest in a muted paprika color.   The front is accented with small pockets trimmed with navy edging and navy colored buttons. The lapels of the vest are embellished with tiny embroidered floral vines.   Saddle stitching adds a touch of contrast around the edges of the vest, and a single bead and loop forms the closure.  Flowers also embellish the back of the vest.

Wool Felt Beret
Riley is wearing a jaunty beret made of wool felt, also in a beautifully soft paprika color.  It is accented with a  crocheted tie, and a perfectly matched vintage button.

Knee Socks & "Suede" Clogs
Riley is wearing  knee socks in an ecru cotton knit, and a tie of crocheted yarn adds a jaunty touch.  Her dainty clogs (if clogs can possibly be dainty!!) are made of Ultrasuede to perfectly coordinate with her skirt..   

Riley's Schoolbag, Supplies
.....and Special friend


Well...It looks to me like Riley and her Mom were able to find her the perfect B-T-S outfit this year! She looks as cute as ever, doesn't she??  

And..I see there were still some school supplies available!  A girl just HAS to have her pencils,  a change purse for her milk money...
and of course,  an apple for the teacher is a MUST! 


The question is.... can Riley WAIT  three weeks 'til school starts??