Maritime Miss!
A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj


Isn't that 'Captain' Riley????.....

........and her first mate? Riley is all set for her latest summer adventure.....SAILING on the lake at Peace Valley Park with her favorite person.....Daddy!!!  (well...make that ONE of her favorite people!)  And what a beautiful day it is for sailing...The sun is glistening on the water, the birds are singing such pretty songs..................and the baby deer are playing along the edge of the woods!  ......What a wonderful day!   Hasn't this been the PERFECT summer?? 

So little time.....and so MANY adventures!

Linen Capri Length Romper

Riley's nautically inspired romper is made from crisp white linen, and is accented with red gingham trim and navy braid.  Tiny red and navy buttons embellish the pant legs and straps.

Handknit Sweater
Riley's short sleeved white cardigan features a red ruffled peblum that perfectly matches her anchor themed dress.  The bodice sports an embroidered anchor motif, and red and navy buttons w/ loops provide dainty closures.

'Anchor' Dress
Over her romper, Riley's wears a perky little dress made of red cotton fabric edged with pre-embroidered white anchor motifs.  The embroidery highlights the lapels and trims the bottom edge of the tightly gathered short skirt.  Tiny navy buttons accent the cap sleeves and the back of the waistband -  and a red gingham ribbon bow highlights the front snap closure.

Sailor Hat & Hair Tie
Riley is wearing a jaunty felt (not handmade)  sailor's hat embellished with a gingham ribbon bow.  A red gingham hair tie is included to hold back her hair when she is out on the water!

Handcrafted Sandals

The S.S. Riley and her 'First mate'!


It looks like Riley took her CAPTAIN title to heart!  She has her own sailboat now......and her first mate is ready to go!!