Grandparents DAY!!


A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish

by pj

A Very GRAND Day
What a special day Riley has planned for today. . . and as you would expect, she is beside herself with excitement!

SO excited, she was up at the crack of dawn this morning!   And she is already dressed in her favorite new spring outfit. . . . perfect for such a special day!

And just WHAT is so special about today??
Well . . . . today Riley and her classmates are celebrating

Grandparent's Day!

Grandmom and Grandpop will be joining Riley (and Teddy of course) for lunch . . . . then the little boys and girls will play games and sing songs for all the "Grands".
But BEST of all. . . . Riley will give her grandparents the special gift she made JUST for them.
Wonder what it is?? I bet it is pretty cute tho!

Isn't this just the GRANDEST day of all??


Pleated Skirt with Suspenders
Riley's "above the knee" pleated skirt is made of the springiest of fabrics. . . . a crisp cotton seersucker.  The seersucker's soft plaid brings together such pretty spring colors. . . the pinks, lavenders and whites that echo the colors of the flowers that are just now beginning to bloom.   The skirt features braided suspenders that ensure that Riley's skirt will stay snuggly around her waist no matter  how hard she plays!  A touch of white crocheted lace highlights the waistband.


Knit Tunic Top ~ Capri length Tights

Accompanying her skirt, Riley wears a white tunic top that is edged with the seersucker plaid fabric. .  Tiny embroidered bullion knot flowers accent the bodice and the bottom features a "shirt tail" finish. A large bow adds back interest.

The tunic is paired with matching capri length tights.  The slim fit capris  are edged with plaid cuffs, and tiny embroidered flowers accent each leg.  

Hand knit Short-Sleeved Cardigan
Finishing off this perky outfit,  Riley wears an adorable short sleeved cardigan sweater, hand knit in a deep lavender wool.  Tri-colored braid trims the bottom of the sweater as well as the collar.  Hand embroidered flowers embellish the sweater front  and a single loop and bead closure is placed at the neckline.

The color of Riley's sweater in these photographs looks a tad more blueish than it really is.  I have included a scanned photo of the sweater that accurately represents the sweater color. 


Crocheted Hat * Headband

Trimmed Anklets 


Riley's Gift for her Grandparents


Oh MY! 
Look at the gift Riley made for Grandmom and Grandpop!  It is sooooo perfect! 

It is a plaque featuring a cast of Riley's little handprint. . . . . . ..and it has her name and painted flowers decorating the edges! 

What grandparents wouldn't LOVE to have this gift?? 

 A GRAND ending to a GRAND DAY!!