A "Man's" Work is never done!!....

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for DJ Kish

by pj

 Leaves, Leaves Everywhere......

"Grandpop. . . . . IS there REALLY any ground underneath these darn leaves???   I think I have been raking for a year at least!," complains little DJ.
He and his cousin are "helping" their grandparents this lovely fall day with the outside chores. . . . . and he is in such a hurry to get back to playing.  He just KNOWS his cousin is having more fun in the front yard!

 And so she is!! . . . . . with as much "leaf leaping" as the two ruffians are doing . . . . . . it sure looks like they are already playing!!!


Dj's Pants,  for Work. . . . . . and Play!
DJ is wearing a pair of natural colored long pants in a classic jeans style.  The fly front closes  with a snapped waistband.  Olive green top stitching accents the side seams and pockets. . . . which are fully functional.  Plaid cuffs accent the pants legs, but are merely tacked on in the event that a more simple look is desired.  A slight crease is pressed down the front, tho how long that will last with a little boy like DJ is questionable!! 

Knit Turtleneck Top
ALong with his pants, DJ is wearing a simple long sleeved turtleneck top in a ribbed black cotton knit. It has a back snap opening.  A small set of overlapped diamonds appliqued on the front, echo the argyle pattern of his sweater. 

Handknit  Cardigan Sweater
Chilly fall days require a sweater for sure!  And DJ is wearing his very soft sheared angora cardigan over his turtleneck.   The sweater is embellished with an argyle pattern, created using a combination of appliqued wool felt and suede, as well as embroidery.   Black stone bead buttons complete the sweater. 

Wool Felt Cap

DJ's Leaf Basket. . . . . . and a Lost Treasure!
Well. . .   Dj DID finally manage to fill his basket with leaves, didn't he?  And of course.. . . his long lost treasure was such a bonus!  Amazing what can hide beneath all those leaves!

It is often said that 'No good deed goes unrewarded'! 

It looks like that is surely true today. . . .

Look what DJ found beneath the leaves when he FINALLY got down to serious raking!

His long lost toy TRAIN!! 

Now THAT is a good ending to a day of hard work . .  . . and hard play!!


Don't Dj and Riley look so very cute together??