Bittersweet Farms....

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj

 A Pre-school Excursion!

  For days now, Riley and her pre-school classmates have been learning all about the flowers of fall.   Asters,  statice, strawflowers, goldenrod. . . . and a zillion other pretty flowers who's names Riley has already forgotten!   And of course, there are those pretty orange Bittersweet berries climbing all about! 

Who ever said summer is the prettiest time of year?? Riley thinks fall is JUST as pretty. . . .  PLUS . . . . don't forget the PUMPKINS! 

And RIGHT NOW. . . .  
Riley and her friends are going on a fall excursion to see for themselves just how pretty fall flowers can be! 

And can you think of a better place for THAT than Bittersweet Farms???
Dried flowers, berries, vines and wreaths everywhere. . . . . and the fields and fields of flowers!
What sweet smells. . . . and pretty colors!!

AND. . . . just maybe they will all get a treasure to take home!

What a fun fall day for sure!


Short Pleated Skirt
Riley is wearing a short pleated skirt in a pretty checked plaid colored in a soft palette of milky autumnal colors.   Many shades of burnished gold, soft terracotta and a muted aqua comprise the plaid cotton homespun fabric.  An embroidered sprig of berries accents the waistband.  The skirt has a back flapped opening with a bow covered snap closure at the waistband.. 

Handknit Cardigan Sweater
Along with her jaunty pleated skirt,  Riley wears a handknit cardigan made of imported wool, colored in a rich shade of burnished gold.  The neck and front openings are trimmed with a band of fringed plaid to match her skirt.  Sprigs of embroidered berries trail along the lower edge of the sweater, and a small bouquet of berries tied w/ a "bow" is embroidered on the sweater's back.  A braided cord ties in a bow at the neckline. .

Embroidered Blouse
As we all know it still can get a bit warm in early fall, Riley wears a sleeveless blouse beneath her sweater. It is made of vintage cotton fabric in a muted gold color, and the neck is trimmed with the same plaid as the skirt. Vines of embroidered berries wind their way around the neckline and down the back and front of the blouse which has a back closure.


Wool Felt Beret

Riley is wearing a classic beret made of a beautiful turquoise colored wool felt .  A fringed band of plaid fabric and a braided bow add a touch of interest to the beret  as it sits at a jaunty angle atop Riley's pretty hair. 

Knee Socks * Handpainted Shoes

Riley is wearing  knee socks of a pale gold cotton knit,.  A band of fringed plaid fabric and an agate bead finishes them perfectly.  Her shoes are painted in various tones of pale terracotta, and a tiny sprig of berries  painted along the side of each shoe adds a subtle touch of interest.

Riley's Fall Treasure. . . and Friend!
And just WHAT did Teddy find this time??   He is ready for fall now with his tiny basket of dried flowers and berries!  That little guy has MORE treasures, doesn't he??

Berries, berries everywhere!  Not to mention the dried flowers!  What pretty sights . . and SMELLS! 

And as she hoped. . . . Riley and her classmates were each given a little remembrance of Bittersweet Farms to take home!

HMMM. . . . Riley is now wondering whether to give her treasure to Mommy. . . . or maybe Grandmom??? 

What a decision!  

Maybe she'll just give it to teddy!!