DRESSED UP and Ready To GO!

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Riley Kish
by pj

Back To School for Riley!

..Well......in a few weeks that is!! This year Riley starts PRE-SCHOOL....... and everyone knows that is ALMOST kindergarten! And OF COURSE..... Riley is rarin' to go! She has her BTS outfit ready....and is trying it on......yet ANOTHER time!! She sure looks cute doesn't she??

Short Pleated Skirt
(with Suspenders)
Riley's sharply pleated short skirt (above the knee)is made of a blue and green homespun plaid fabric and features a fringed bottom edge. The skirt is made in a wrap around style with the opening flap in the back. "Suspenders" help to keep it from slipping down over Riley's tummy.

White Knit Blouse
Paired with her pleated skirt, Riley wears a perky white knit blouse with short dolman style sleeves. The neck and sleeves are trimmed to match the skirt . . . . .. and a touch of embroidery embellishes the bodice. A small bow disguises the back snap opening.

Handknit Mohair Sweater & Fringed Scarf
In case "Pre-school - Day #1" is a tad chilly. . . . . Riley's outfit features a handknit cardigan with long, full sleeves. It is made of imported. . . . . and very lush mohair in a rich peacock blue color that coordinates perfectly with her plaid skirt. The sweater features hand-embroidered bullion knot flowers, tiny jadite green bead buttons, and the sleeves are trimmed with tri-colored braid and tiny bows. A fringed scarf to match Riley's skirt is the perfect accompaniment

Wool Felt Beret
Riley is wearing a jaunty beret made of wool felt in a peacock blue color that perfectly matches her sweater

Knee Socks
White knee socks embroidered with dainty flowers look just perfect with Riley's jaunty skirt set.

Riley's Backpack, Name tag..and Special friend
Can you imagine SCHOOL without a backpack?? Of COURSE not! Riley's backpack is made of off-white wool felt with the straps and embellishments matching her plaid skirt. A spray of embroidered flowers on the front leaves no question that this back pack belongs to a sweet little girl like Riley! Teddy - the stow away - is embroidered to perfectly coordinate with Riley's Back-to-school outfit!


I see Mommy made Riley a
"big girl's" back pack to match her new Back-To- School outfit.....and Daddy printed a name tag for Riley to wear on her first day!

I think she is all set......Don't you??? ...Except...where is Teddy??

UH OH...there he is!!! It looks like he is planning to "stow away" and accompany Riley Back to School! .......I guess he has heard how much fun school really is!!