Dress*Ups by pj

**the difference is in the details**

LOOK. . . at SPRING!!
A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for 16" Jo Kish
 other 16" Kish dolls of similar build 
(Seasons dolls for example)

by pj

A Spring Stroll!! 

There is nothing as much fun as a long walk on a sunny spring day! 

This year, those sunny days have been few and far between, but  today is one of these rare gems,!
So. . . dressed in their spring finery and cozy sweaters,  Jo and her sister Bethany are taking full advantage of the day and are off to the park to see what they can see!

The smell of spring is in the air. . .  and the sound of the creek bubbling is a sure sign that the ice is finally gone! 
Heads whipping from side to side, Jo and Bethany are agog at all the beauties of Spring they can see!

. . . .LOOK!.
 . . there in the bushes is Mrs. Mallard on her nest, with Mr. Mallard close by. . . making sure she gets her rest!

 . . .LOOK!
  . . . Mama Robin is looking for worms. . . and Papa found a bit of colored string to build their nest!

. . .  LOOK!.
 . .the daffodils are in full bloom, and so is the forsythia, pussy willow and all the rest!!

No matter where you LOOK. . . the evidence is clear. . .

SPRING is here to  STAY. . . and summer is very NEAR!!!


 Embroidered Blouse
. . . . Jo's blouse is made from sheer vintage batiste, hand dyed to match the background of the skirt.  It's softly gathered style and delicate embroidery on the collar and cuffs exudes a feminity that is in perfect harmony with her beautiful features. 

Softly Pleated Floral Print Skirt
. . . . small pleats radiate out from  each side a central box pleat, creating a soft flare.  The fabric is a cotton flannel floral print, colored in a rich blend of blues, yellows and greens on an off white background..

Embroidered Wool Felt Vest
 . . . Jo's wool felt vest is the ideal accent to her skirt and blouse, and the vining floral embroidery echoes the florals found on her skirt.

Hand Knit and Embroidered Angora Sweater

. . . Completing Jo's outfit (as there IS still quite a chill in the air this time of year) is a hand knit cardigan sweater made of  very plush and soft yellow angora.  Floral sprays wend their way up the front and across the shoulder, again echoing the motifs of the skirt.

Hand Knit Angora Hat & Satin Ribbon
. . . A matching hat of yellow angora  is embellished with a band of floral fabric, tri-colored braided ties, and a vintage button, 

. . . An off white satin ribbon is also included for those times when a hat is just a tad too warm! 

Jo's Spring Flowers. . .

Look what a cute pair Jo and Bethany make. . .  dressed in their coordinating outfits!  They are almost as sunny as this glorious day!

All clothing is crafted in a smoke-free environment.