Dress*Ups by pj

**the difference is in the details**

Robin's Egg BLUES!
A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bethany Kish
 . . . .and other 12" Kish dolls
by pj

What a stormy week it has been . . . and the winds howled all through the night.   FINALLY though, the sun is shining and the air is warm!

Excited to see the sun, Bethany hurries out to the back yard to see what new flowers have arrived on the scene!

But OH NO!   What a trauma!!

Sitting beneath the flowering dogwood tree. . . is a bird's nest! 
It must have fallen out of the tree in the strong winds.

And in this nest are three, BEAUTIFUL, pale blue eggs! PERFECT pale blue eggs, as the soft nest seems to have protected them from harm!

Bethany wonders, What kind of bird eggs are they? AND. . . where is their mother?

Of COURSE. . . .Daddy comes to the rescue, telling Bethany that these are Robin's eggs, easily identified by their pretty blue color.  And he quickly tells her not to worry. . . . Mommy Robin is close by, keeping an eye on her offspring-to-be, tho she is no doubt very upset as well!
BUT. . . .WHAT  TO  DO  NOW???

Well!  Out comes the bigggggg ladder. . . . and up the ladder Daddy goes, the nest of eggs carefully cradled in his arms.  BACK onto a sturdy branch, the nest is placed.  AND. . he makes sure to put it in a more protected place than Momma bird chose! 

DOWNNNN Daddy comes. . . .
.. . . .and off he and Bethany run to the house to peek out the window, watching for Mom's return.

Mommy Robin,. . . finally. . . . when she is sure the coast is clear. . . settles down on the nest to give the "babies to be" some well needed comfort and protection.

Bethany and Daddy now can relax. . . . all is well!

NOW. . . .let's wait to see the new babies when they hatch!

 Isn't spring an EXCITING time???

Pleated Skirt . . . .
. . . crisp cotton seersucker in a beautiful and softly colored plaid, with perky pleats all around!

Hand knit & Embroidered Wool Cardigan Sweater
. . . . .lavishly embroidered with a spring themed vignette!
The color of the sweater is not a bright orange, but is a softer, muted shade . . . closer to an apricot color. 

Wool Felt Vest
. . . .Embroidered lapels and back!

Wool Felt Tam
. . . . a jaunty Tam offsets Bethany's adorable curls, and the bow, anchored with a vintage handmade button and optional braided tie, adds a bit of whimsy!


Chemise-styled Blouse with Front Pleat
. . . .Embroidered accents and French seams!


Hand Painted Shoes & White Socks
 . . . . a tiny, hand painted branch - complete with spring blooms
. . . . .matches Bethany's ensemble to perfection!

A replica of Mrs. Robin's nest. . .
 with her three tiny eggs!
 . . . . hopefully, this needle-felted set of eggs will NOT hatch, but remind Bethany of her fun brush with nature!

Bethany is NOT included in this sale.
All clothing is crafted in a smoke-free environment