A Play Date for Ellery!

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Ellery Kish

by pj

A Very Special Day!
Mommy has a very special treat planned today for her pretty little girl! 

Ellery is going on her first Play Date! 

Of COURSE. . .
. . . she MUST wear her prettiest outfit!

 Of COURSE . . . 
. . .  it must be PINK!!!!

And then. . . . what toys will Ellery take along to share with her new friend??

Decisions, decisions. .  A baby's life is soooooo complicated!..... 

Semi Sheer Voile Blouse/Onesie
Ellery is wearing a onesie styled blouse made of semi sheer white voile.. The delicate blouse features embroidered  sprays of bullion knot roses on the sleeves and the front, and a pair of tiny pearl bead buttons at the neckline..  The back opening is secured with tiny loops and pearl beads.

Embroidered Wool Felt Jumper
Over her dainty blouse, Mommy has dressed Ellery is a wonderfully pink wool felt jumper, highlighted with a scalloped edge, echoed in a second layer of white wool felt.  A similiar treatment is featured at the necline.   Embroidered vines and flowers, accented with tiny pearl beads, trail across the front of the jumper and around to the back.  Her tiny pocket - a perfect spot for her rattle - echos the same floral embroidery. 

Matching Bonnet
Ellery's sweet face is framed beautifully with an adorable wool felt bonnet that echos the scalloped edging of her jumper.  A spray of embroidery accents the side of the bonnet and a gingham ribbon ties off to the side of her little face..


Handknit Angora Coat & Booties
As Mommy and Ellery's journey to their play date entails a trip out of doors,  Ellery is kept cozy in a  handknit coat style cardigan made of soft snow white angora..   A band of embroidered roses (pink of course) trails along the bottom of her coat.  Tiny pearls encircle the cuff and a single embroidered rose graces each sleeve. A pearl button and loop closure keeps the coat snug around her face.

A matching pair of white angora booties, tied with pink ribbons, completes Ellery's outfit. 

Ellery's Play Mat & Toys

Now for the important "stuff". . .  The TOYS!!   Ellery, learning at an early age to share, is taking along her bag filled with pastel colored wooden blocks.  And of course, she never goes anywhere without her wooden rattle. . . . . and ALWAYS her Kitty!! 

Mommy, who thinks of everything,  has bought along Ellery's play mat.. which is just big enough for Ellery, her friend and the TOYS!!


On second thought,                   maybe there ISN'T enough room on her play mat for her friend.!
It looks like Ellery has spread out! 

There are TOYS everywhere!!  

Or. . . is  KITTY her play date????


Wow . . . . "dating" sure is fun!