Tiny Treasures
. . . .Timeless Treasures


A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany Kish
by pj

Just Another Sunday Dinner....

........or so Bethany thought as she and her parents set off for dinner at Grandmom and Grandpops house.  Not that their weekly Sunday get togethers aren't always lots of fun....it is just that nothing unusual happens.  Just lots of good food, laughter and fun with her family. 

But THIS  week...after dinner, Grandmom asked Bitty Bethany to follow her up to the attic.   Forever why Bethany wondered???

WELLLLL. . . . . It seems Grandmom and Grandpop were spring cleaning this week..and came across an old, long forgotten trunk.

And what did they find in this trunk?? 


 One of these newly discovered treasures was Grandmom's old rag doll...which had been her FAVORITE toy of all! 

And guess who now has that little rag doll tucked under her arm?? 

You guessed it!!   She gave the sweet little tiny doll to Bethany of course.  How could she NOT???  The tiny rag doll has red hair ALMOST the exact color as Bethany's!  What a pair of cuties they are!

What a very special present!! 
What a very special Sunday dinner!   


Sun Dress 

This Sunday, Bitty Bethany is wearing an adorable and elegant sundress featuring a seafoam green/cornflower blue plaid pleated skirt paired with a white linen underskirt and a white linen bodice. The bodice is embroidered with a circle of flowers to match Bethany's uniquely colored eyes and her vibrant hair.   Coordinated embroidery trims the edge of the underskirt. Tiny seeds beads embellish the embroidery on the dress to add a touch of sparkle.  Around Bethany's waist is a corded belt from which dangles an array of fanciful glass beads.  

 Capri Length Pants *** Halter Top
Beneath Bitty's skirt peeks her slim fitting plaid capris, cuffed with a strip of white linen that is embroidered with a trio of tiny blue flowers.  

For play -  Bethany can take off her dress and don a clever little hanky style halter top that features a fringed edge.  It is made of the blue/green plaid fabric, and is lined with white linen.  The top of the halter is banded with white linen which is embroidered with a spray of spring flowers, echoing the designs found on her dress.  Tiny seed beads again add a playful touch.. 

Handknit Cardigan Sweater
Finishing off this perky outfit, Bethany wears a beautiful white cardigan sweater. The sweater features three quarter length sleeves finished with fringed plaid fabric cuffs.  The sleeves are further embellished with braided trim and dangling beads.  A plaid collar add a touch of originality to the sweater, as does the band of paid trim around the bottom..   Scattered embroidered flowers meander across the sweater front adding a dainty touch. 


Crocheted Cloche *** Ribbon Hair Band
For Dress*Up occassions (like Sunday dinner as Grandmom's) Bethany  wears her demure white crocheted cloche at a jaunty angle.  The cloche is trimmed with a plaid fringed band, and mutlicolored briads form loopy bows behind an embroidered covered button.   A few glass beed dangle whisically at chin length making is such fun for Bethany when she turns her head!
For a more casual look, Bethany chooses either a tri-colored braided cord, or a  crisp white hair ribbon tied into a prettty bow. 

Matching Sandals

Bethany's Timeless Treasures
Grandmom's Needle felted Rag doll . . . . .and Grandpop's slingshot.

Not to be outdone  . . . look what Grandpop tucked in Bitty Bethany's
little pocket as she came down from the attic!! 

It is ANOTHER Timeless Treasure!. . . . . 
Grandpop's old slingshot! 

What fun!  I just hope Grandmom doesn't see it though!

Grandpop is soooo bad, isn't he??