Dress*Ups by pj
**the difference is in the details**

Searching for SPRING!!!
A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany Kish
Ann Estelle & friends

by pj

~ A Touch of color in a field of white! ~

UMMMMM, is that SPRING I smell??  says Bitty Bethany, looking out the window at what appears to be a yard covered in snow. 

For a change, the sun is brightly shining, and there is a touch of warmth to the air. . . .and at last, the snow MAY be beginning to melt!

 Bundling up in her soft and very warm angora jacket, Bitty goes in search of Spring.   She is convinced that there MUST be some sign that spring is on the way, tho the calender tells her it is still weeks away. 

Peering into the bushes, Bethany sees only the Cardinals and Jays. . . nary a robin in sight. . .

And the trees STILL seem so bare. . .tho she THINKS, just maybe, she sees a bud or two....

And boy. . . the lawn does sure looks bare!  Will that snow EVER go???

Taking a petulant kick at the small mound of snow by the back door. . . Bitty Bethany catches sight of a small spot of color.  ". . . Is that PURPLE I see??" she exclaims.  Quickly brushing away more snow, she finally sees them!
. . . A small cluster of crocuses, nestled beneath the snow. . . turning their pretty little faces towards the afternoon sun!

Sure enough, the search is over!  A definite sign. .

. . . .Spring IS on it's way! 

(Bitty Bethany is not included in this sale)

Wool Felt Jumper

. . . . Bitty Bethany is wearing a perky, gored-style jumper in a plush, off-white wool felt  fabric.  The jumper's front and back feature a lavish pattern of flowers and leaves that echo the flowers gracing her tunic dress.  A combination of applique and embroidrry. . . . and even a little needle felting. . . was used to create the jumper's floral pattern.

Tunic Style Knit Dress
. . . . . Peeking from beneath her jumper, Bitty Bethany wears a simple  tunic styled dress in a richly colored floral print.  The dress sports a turtleneck collar, and is accented with a simple bow trim at the hemline.

When paired with matching tights, hand painted short boots & hand knit angora scarf. . . the ensemble takes on a whole new contemporary look!


Hand knit Angora Sweater Jacket
. . . .Over her very perky outfit, Bitty Bethany wears a hand knit sweater jacket made of soft, VERY plush angora. The jacket is colored in a rich, yet soft muted shade of plum that perfectly matches her dress and jumper.  Sprays of appliqued flowers matching those on Bitty's jumper add a touch of interest to the front and hemline of the coat.  Multicolored loops & glass beads provide the front closure.


Appliqued Wool Felt Beret 

Short Socks ~ Tights

Handpainted  Shoes ~ Matching Purse
. . . Purse is complete with Bitty Bethany 's lucky penny!

Hand Painted  Boots ~ Hand Knit Angora Scarf

The outfit also looks adorable on Sophie, as you can see in the following photo.   More photos of the outfit modeled by Sophie are available upon request. 

All clothing is crafted in a smoke-free environment.