~ A Concert in the Park! ~

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany Kish
by pj

 A Special Evening . . . .
for  VERY Special Little Girl

A warm summer evening... a soft blanket....a fancy new dress.......and best of all...


The "Girls" . . . Bitty Bethany, Mom and Grandmom. . . .  are off on another adventure!  This time they are going to the "Sounds of Summer" concert, performed at the Mann Music Center in the park . . . JUST for the little ones!

They will sit beneath the stars on their cozy blanket, breathe the air that is fragrant with newly mown grass. . . watch the fireflies. . . and relax as they listen to the beautiful music....

Bethany is hoping she sees some of her she is wearing the BEST dress EVER!! 

And we all know watching people is ALMOST as much fun as listening to the concert!!

(At least Bitty Bethany thinks so!! )

What a lovely evening. . . . and I'm not sure, but I think I see Bethany dancing. . . . her skirt twirling round and round to the music!  

Summer is such fun. . . . .
Especially for little girls!!!  


Beaded Sundress & Headband
Bitty Bethany is wearing a VERY fancy sundress for this special evening!  It is made of a soft cotton fabric., patterned wildly with flowers, swirls, and kalideoscopic images, reminiscent of the fabrics of the 70's.  The dress is  colored in the rich turquoises, blues and greens of a summer landscape. . . colors refreshing enough to ALMOST make you forget the heat!  

The dress is styled with an overlapping bodice and it's thin straps tie behind Bitty's neck in a halter style..  Bethany's skirt is fully gathered, and sure to twirl as she dances to the pretty music!

AND the very BEST feature - according to our sweet little girl, is the MANY sparkly seed beads, sequins and tiny pearls that whimscally accent the wonderful patterns.  Providing a special touch at Bitty's waist is bow,  tied with tri-colored braid and trailing an array of beautifully colored beads.  The back of the sundress is secured with snaps, and a small fabric bow embellishes opening..

A simple fabric hair tie, also embellished with seed beads and sequins, keeps Bethany's hair out of her eyes as she dances!

Handknit Cardigan Sweater
As summer evenings can get a bit nippy at times - Bitty Bethany has taken along a cardigan, handknit of imported wool in a beautiful spring green color.  The short sleeved sweater is embellished with tiny seed pearls along the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves, and a smattering of floral appliques accent the sleeves and sweater front.  Pearl bead "buttons" provide the front closure and a thin fabric band at the neck picks up the print of her dress.. 

(The sweater 's actual color is a beautiful spring green,
NOT the avocado green that is reflected in these pics!)

Capri Pants
Hmmm. . . .  Now isn't Bitty Bethany going to be sitting on a blanket in the grass all evening??  In a DRESS???  Welllll. . . it seems Mom already thought of that!  Barely peeking from beneath her dress is a little pair of capri pants made of the same fabric as her dress.  No sequins and beads are on the pants tho!. . . Not too comfortable for sitting!  BUT. . . a bow and hanging beads do accent each pant leg above the side slit.  The waistband of the pants sports a tiny snap closure.


Bead Embellished Straw Tote . . .
with Teddy along for the trip!

Handcrafted Sandals 


And doesn't this ensemble look sweet on this little girl as well??!