A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany Kish
by pj


........says Grandmom.  As a matter of fact, it is one of her favorite sayings!!   Bethany is not quite positive what that means....  but she does know that she and Grandmom walked to the big bank on the corner today and opened a bank account for Bethany!  Grandmom told her she can now save her pennies for  rainy day!!  Why a rainy day???  Bethany is already planning to save those pennies ....but for a new DOLL!!! 


Pleated Kilt-Style Skirt 
Bitty Bethany is wearing a, crisply pleated cotton skirt in a subtle plaid made up of light and dark pinks with a thin line of black..  The front kilt-style opening is accented by a thin black fwlt border,, and a series of small black buttons accent the opening flap.   Snap closures are hidden beneath the the buttons.  The 'above the knee' skirt is further highlighted by a fringed bottom. 

Handknit Angora Sweater
Topping the pink and black plaid skit, Bethany wears a very soft..and fuzzy....black angora sweater in a turtleneck style.  The sweater buttons down the back with black stone bead buttons.  A spray of embroidered bullion knot roses embellishes each sleeve of the sweater. 

Plaid Neck Scarf
Around her neck, Bethany is wearing a simple fringed scarf to match her kilt.  The back point of the scarf is accented with another embroidered rose cluster.

Shoes  &  Thigh-High Socks
Bitty Bethany wears a pair of cotton thigh high socks, hand dyed to a soft pink color that blends with her outfit.   Her shoes are simple black pumps accented with matching plaid bows.

Wool Felt Beret  &  Matching Shoulder Purse

Bethany's new handpainted "Piggybank"
(. . . . .  .along with her first penny!)

..ANDDDD to encourage her to save....guess what Grandmom gave Bitty Bethany ??

A pretty pink PIGGYBANK!
I wonder if Mommy and Dad have any extra pennies for Bethany's new bank??   



It sure looks like someone else would like a new piggy bank (AND OUTFIT) also!!  And doesn't this look nice on Sophie too