Dress*Ups by pj
**the difference is in the details**

The Leaf Collection!
A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany
 Sophie, Ann Estelle & friends

by pj

 Leaf Collecting . . . Leaf Collection!
Autumn Leaves
by Leland B. Jacobs

Green leaves, Yellow leaves, Red leaves, and brown,
Falling, Falling, Blanketing the town.
Oak leaves, Maple leaves, Apple leaves, and pear,
Falling, Whispering, "Autumnís in the air!"
Big leaves, Little leaves, Pointed leaves, and round,
Falling, Nestling, Carpeting the ground. 

 And what does a little girl such as Bitty Bethany DO with all of these
 "Green leaves, Yellow leaves, Red leaves, & brown,. . . "?

She COLLECTS them . . . . . THAT is what she does! 

And as we see, she already has her basket full . . .

Now into the warm and cozy house she runs. . . and out comes the wax paper, colored pencils and construction paper. . .

What is Bitty making NOW??

OF COURSE. . .  .
Her 2006 LEAF Collection!!!

And a lovely one it is!

2006. .
It was a very good year!!!  For leaves at least!!!


(Bitty Bethany is not included in this sale)

Full Skirted Combo Dress
. . . . Bitty Bethany is wearing a jaunty, flaunty, flirty dress that combines a sweater knit bodice with a softly pleated full skirt in a plaid cotton fabric.  Appliqued fall berries and leaves accent the sleeves and the bodice, and a removable tie belt adds a touch of interest to the empire waistline. The dress has a back snapped opening, and a fringed hem.  

Appliqued Wool Felt Vest ~ Matching Tam
. . . . . Over her dress, Bitty wears a creamy  colored, cropped wool felt vest . The vest is embellished. . . front and back. . . with appliqued and embroidered sprays of leaves and berries.   Bitty Bethany's coordinated  tam is accented with a band that matches the skirt of her dress, and a small fringed bow adds just a touch of interest.  You can choose either a dark teal green or cream colored Tam. . . My models just couldn't make a decision so I showed both colors!!

. . . . Of course Sophie looks equally cute in this outfit, but she will no doubt need her skirt shortened a tad! 

Knit Stockings ~ Handpainted Boots

. . . . Bitty Bethany is wearing a pair of short teal green colored boots, each handpainted  with a different sprig of leaves and berries. The boots are marked on the bottom w/ the Kish insignia.

Basket of leaves ~ Bethany's Leaf Collection
. . . . Just LOOK at the cute little Leaf Collection booklet Bitty Bethany has made!  WOW. . .did she find some pretty colored leaves this year!


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