Fanciful, Funky, Funny...

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany Kish
by pj



How Does Your Garden Grow????

........asks Grandmom with a laugh, as Bitty Bethany busily "waters" the flowers in her pots.

Bethany replies with a giggle....."BEA-U-TI-FUL, Grandmom..don't you think???  And look at how BIG they already are!  They are sooooo colorful...and sooooo PRETTY!
  I sure have a green thumb, don't I???? I guess it MUST be this magic water I use!"  

"I am sure that is it", Grandmom answers,".....they almost look like they are not even REAL!"

"Oh Grandmom, Bethany GUESSED!  but....SHHHHH ......don't tell Mommy....She thinks they ARE real!!!"   


Empire Style Dress **** Embroidered Apron
Bitty Bethany is wearing an adorable full skirted dress made of a brightly colored woven cotton plaid fabric.  The lined empire style bodice is accented with tiny white buttons.  The dress features crisp white linen cuffs and collar,  embroidered with sprays of airy french knot flowers.  The hand sewn hem is highlighted with rickrack points.  A removable rickrack trimmed belt fastens in the back with a small vintage mother of pearl buckle. 

The centerpiece of Bitty's ensemble is her accompanying white linen apron, lined with the same linen fabric.   The apron is lavishly embellished with a striking bouquet of flowers, combining the arts of applique and embroidery.  Tiny pearl beads form the center of the flowers and a small bow adds the finishing touch.

Capri Length Pants

Beneath Bitty's skirt peeks her slim fitting plaid capris, cuffed with white linen and accented with a rickrack flower on each leg. The capris close with a snapped waistband.

Hand knit Cardigan Sweater
Accompanying this ensemble is a white imported wool cardigan sweater, made with slightly puffed short sleeves. Tiny pearl beads trail across the sweater's lower band, and a single rickrack flower "tied" with a bow accents the bodice.  Three pearl bead "buttons" form the sweater's closure. 

Bethany's belt, borrowed from her dress, looks just perfect  at the waist when pairing the sweater with her capris.


Crocheted Cloche *** Fancy Hair Band
As we all know. . . .  choice is ALWAYS a good thing.!
 . . .  and with this ensemble Bethany can choose the look she wants.
 . . . depending on her mood! 

With her dress, we see her wearing her demure white crocheted cloche at a jaunty angle.  The cloche is trimmed with a plaid band and a perky rickrack flower.
For a more casual look such as when wearing her capri set, , Bethany can wear her plaid headband that is fancifully decorated with another flower and brightly colored ribbon twists. 

Of course. . . .she looks totally adorable in both!!  

Dainty Matching Sandals

Bethany's Fanciful Flowers...and Watering Can


And doesn't this ensemble look sweet on Sophie as well??!