A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany Kish
by pj

The Muffin ....MISS????

Oh, do you know the muffin miss,
The muffin miss,
the muffin miss,
Oh, do you know the muffin miss,
who lives on Drury Lane?
Oh, yes, I know the muffin miss
The muffin miss,
the muffin miss,
Oh, yes, I know the muffin miss,
who lives on Drury Lane.


........sings Bethany (obviously, her own version of the ditty), as she and her Dad head off to the bakery.  This little jaunt is a Sunday morning "tradition"....and such a fun one at that, particulary on a beautiful and sunny "not quite spring" day like today!!  

Bethany is already trying to decide what kind of muffins to order (that is HER "job"!!)

Maybe Blueberry??  Or Raspberry Cream??  Or Chocolate Chip. . . Banana Nut . . . Chocolate Swirl????  ORRRR.. . . . How about some of each??! 

Sounds like a PERFECT plan to me!!


Short Pleated Skirt with Straps
Bitty Bethany is wearing an "above the knee" pleated skirt that has been made on the bias to give a jaunty twist to the pleats.  The skirt is made of a plaid woven cotton, colored in creams, tans, and a unique shade of blue that leans toward silvery gray.  Straps, accented with a set of tan buttons, provide an interesting touch. The back opening is secured with hidden snaps and a row of buttons embellishes the  flap.

Knit Turtleneck Tunic & Leggings
 Layered beneath her skirt,  Bethany wears a soft cotton knit "play set"  that consists of an embroidered tunic with matching tights or leggings. The tunic features a  central design of an ice blue colored rose, with twining twig vines, and scattered seed pearls.  A pair of little pockets, each embroiderd w/ a matching rose, is the perfect hiding place for Bethany's "treasures"!  The tunic has a back opening with snap closures hidden beneath a plaid trim band..  The neckline, sleeves and tunic  bottom are trimmed with delicate ecru crocheted lace..  Such a comfortable outfit - .just right for wearing to a MUFFIN party!!

Handknit Angora Coat
Finishing off this perky outfit, Bethany wears a beautiful off-white angora coat trimmed w/ soft mink colored angora.  The coat features a embroidered design of trailing twiggy vines and ice blue roses that echo the embroidery on Bethany's tunic.  Tiny cream colored pearls follow the lines of the embroidery and add a shimmering touch.   

Wool Felt Beret *** Felt HeadBand
Choices, Choices, Choices!!!  For a jaunty look, . . . or when running errands LIKE GOING TO THE BAKERY. . . Bethany can wear her cozy beret.  It is  made of winter white wool felt with a plaid band that matches her skirt,  It is embellished with crocheted trim and yet another bullion knot rose in those beautiful shades of blue.    A simple.. but oh so cute, felt headband (that snaps at the nape of her neck) is her other choice..  Perhaps a bit more comfortable when paying with her Teddy! 

Embroidered Brown T-Strap Shoes

Bethany's Bakery Box...Her Teddy....
and ALL those MUFFINS!

..I guess carrying the box is ANOTHER of Bitty Bethany's jobs!
Hope she holds them straight! 

ANd look at all those delicious looking muffins she and Teddy are sharing!  It is good to see they have napkins tucked under their chins...I bet there will be LOTS of crumbs!

Are they still warm? Hmmm . . . I wish I was there . . . don't you?