Flying High!


A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Bitty Bethany Kish
by pj

~ Kites! ~
The March wind is calling,
"Come fly your kite!"
The wind is blowing
With all it's might.
The kites are tossing
In the sky
The wind is calling,
"Come fly up high!"

Another Saturday. . . . and another big adventure! The sun is shining. . . and more importantly. . . the March winds are blowing. . . and blowing. . . and blowing!!

Bitty Bethany is dressed and ready to go! This morning Grandpop is taking Bethany and her little cousin to their favorite spot..the toy store. But today. . . they are in search of one thing only . . . KITES!!

And then. . . off to the park for some fun!

Pleated Skirt * Knit Blouse * Wool Felt Vest
Bitty Bethany is dressed and ready to go on today's adventure! Her "above the knee" knife pleated skirt is paired with a crisp white cotton knit blouse that features a small plaid collar and cap sleeves trimmed to match her skirt. The back openings and blouse hem are also trimmed, and a trio of tiny pink buttons embellish the blouse front. Over her blouse, Bethany wears a wool felt vest that perfectly complements the set. The vest is trimmed with embroidery that echoes the colors of her skirt, and a loop and bead closure keeps it snug around her waist.


Handknit Coat

To fend off those March winds, Bethany wears a cozy sweater coat, handknit in a deep pink imported wool. Embellishing Bethany's favorite coat is a pair of "high flying kites"! These kites, with their bow bedecked tails, whimsically trail from the front to the back of the coat, and were created using a combination of applique, embroidery and applied materials. A small knit pocket holds the faux spool of string from one of the kites. Braided trim and bows add a touch of interest to the sleeves as well. Small buttons embellish the collar and white tiger's eye beads provide the front closures.

Wool Felt Hat *** HeadBand
Trimmed Anklets * Mary-Jane Shoes
Bethany's High Flying Kite

Mission accomplished! Here is Bethany....Kite in hand!

The perfect kite. . . a lovely, and WINDY spring day
. . . . and the company of her favorite people.

. . . Now the question is. . . Can Bethany get the kite to fly??. . and fly HIGH??

Here is Bethany pictured with her little cousin. Don't they look adorable in their coordinated outfits? I bet they will have fun with their new kites...
IF they can get them to fly that is!