for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Pleated Kilt
Embroidered Angora Sweater &  Matching Tam
Lined Full Length Wool Felt Cape &  Angora Muff
Walking Boots
Basket of Berries

This auction finds Sophie coming down the stairs, all bundled up for a cold day outdoors. With a puzzled look on her face she asks, "Mom - Isn't it still winter??? Grandpop is taking me on a nature walk today! What will there be for us to see?" "Well Sophie, if I know Grandpop - he is in search of berries! He loves to add them to his birdseed this time of year. It gives the birds a special treat!" Mom answers. "BERRIES????" Sophie quizzically replies, "There aren't any strawberries out now. Nor raspberries, or even blueberries! Did Grandpop forget it is January???" Sophie's Mom replies, "Oh Sophie - those are only a few types of berries! There are many many varieties of winter berries as well! They provide wonderful color in the garden during dreary winter days - and more importantly, provide food for the birds that decided to stay in town year round! Just wait until you see them all - so many types and colors! " With a skeptical shake of her head, Sophie quips "I don't know Mom - I want to see THIS for myself!!


Whether or not she believes this "berry story", Sophie is nontheless dressed and waiting for Grandpop to arrive and take her on their newest adventure! She is looking as adorable as ever, dressed in her long pleated skirt and soft angora sweater. And her matching wool cape, accompanied by an angora muff, ensures that she will remain toasty as she and Grandpop search for those reputedly beautiful berries! One way or the other, they are sure to have fun. A crisp January day - good company - the wonders of winter - AND a pretty outfit! How could this day NOT be a great adventure?

Sophie's elegant - and WARM - cape is made of maroon wool felt, lined with a homespun cotton fabric in a maroon/navy/dusty blue checked fabric. The cape's edges are trimmed in the plaid, with the front edges fringed for added texture. The back of the cape features a deep inverted pleat. Appliqued and embroidered berries embellish the bottom edge of the cape, and the back pleat features Jacobean styled flowers, again done in a combo of applique, embroidery and beading. A soft angora collar frames Sophie's pretty face.

Beneath her cape, Sophie looks quite cozy in her turtleneck sweater, handknit using a soft dusty blue colored angora wool. It is embellished with Jacobean syled flowers and berries, created using a combination of applique, embroidery and beading. Sophie's calf-length kilt features sharp knife pleats and unique double sided kilt openings. Each side is accented with a fringed edge and a row of small navy and maroon buttons which cover the snap closures.

Atop her soft blond hair, Sophie wears a jaunty tam made of soft blue angora to match her sweater. A plaid band, a bow, a sprig of berries and several whimsical tendrils accent the tam.

As Sophie and Grandpop plan to trek thru the woods on their berry search, Sophie has donned a pair of short black hiking boots over her maroon scrunch socks. She definitely doesn't want her toes to get cold on this expedition!.


What do we have here?? Could that be BERRIES in Sophie's basket??? Just look at them all! I sure hope Grandpop and Mom don't let Sophie forget THIS one!! One way or another, the birds will surely be happy with the fruits of this hike! Maybe Grandpop will even allow Sophie to keep some of the seed to set up her own feeding station!