Not too big...Not too Small....!

For 10" Sophie, Ann Estelle & Friends



Flannel Slacks ~ Turtleneck Sweater
Embroidered MohairJacket ~ Tam
Angora Scarf & Mittens

Sled carrying Sophie's PERFECT tree. . .

"Wow Dad - there are a ZILLION trees up here!" Sophie calls to her Dad as they trek up the hill at Kohler's Tree Farm. "Where are the biggest ones - the den NEEDS a huge tree, don't you think?" We'll see Sophie." her Dad replies. "Your Mom told us to make sure we got one that has a nice shape - Quality over Quantity I think she said!" he laughingly reminds Sophie. "Okay Dad, but with all these trees I bet we can find one both big AND beautiful! AND DON'T FORGET - you said I can have my very own tree for my room! Now THAT one HAS to be the perfect tree!"


Cold toes and nose means anything goes!!
At least when Christmas tree shopping! To make sure that doesn't happen this year, Sophie really dressed for the elements!! She looks toasty warm in her fuzzy green knit mohair jacket. Layered beneath the jacket, Sophie wears a cozy pair of flannel slacks paired with a dark red turtleneck sweater. An angora scarf and mittens and a red tam are the finishing touches! She is SURE to keep warm long enough to pick two perfect trees - for the den AND more importantly - her bedroom!

Sophie's new winter jacket is hand knit of very fuzzy imported mohair in bright green. The sleeves and front opening are edged in plaid flannel fabric that matches her slacks. Embellishing one side of the front is a combination of applique and embroidery, picturing a cardinal amidst a branch of pine needles. A smattering of embroidered snowflakes and seed beads swirl about. A single pocket highlights the opposing side of the jacket and a trios of "berry" beads provide an interesting toggle closure. A small belt and embroidered snowflakes provide interest on the back of the jacket.

Beneath her warm coat, Sophie wears an adorable slacks and sweater set, rich with the colors of the season. Her straight leg slacks are made of soft quilter's flannel in a dark red and green plaid, and her turtleneck sweater is hand knit of fine wool in a dark red that borders on burgundy. A patch of plaid fabric embroidered with a simple snowflake decorates the sweater front. Both slacks and sweater have back snap closures.

As a final precaution against the winter weather, Sophie also wears a handknit scarf of soft white angora. A pair of angora mittens accompanies the set.

Sophie is also wearing a cozy hand knit hat that brings out the rosy color in her cheeks! It is made of red/cranberry wool yarn and is trimmed with bands of plaid flannel and green mohair. A bow, combining these trims, and accented with "berries" and pine cones, completes the hat.

As she plans to be traversing the hills, Sophie wears a pair of short black boots

I think Sophie - just MAYBE - has herself bundled warmly enough to fend off those cold winds!! I guess we'll be able to tell later when we see if she got that "perfect " tree - or not!!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Here comes Sophie - down the hill this time!

AND - what does she have in tow? It looks to me as if she found just what she was looking for - an adorable little evergreen is tied to her sled. And look - it is so cute even the cardinals are coming along!

Yes, - it surely MUST be the PERFECT TREE!