A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Sophie and Ann Estelle
by pj

Hearts ..... & More Hearts! 

LOTS of hearts . . .  and ALL of them sweet!  But of course. . .  Sweet hearts for a SWEET HEART! 
  And THAT Sophie is for sure! 

Just look at how sweet she looks...all dressed up for her Valentines Day's party at school.   She is SURE to get LOTS of valentines...who could resist this pretty little girl? 

And look what Sophie is bringing to the party!  This year, she (with Mom's help of course) has made a Valentine's Heart Mail Bag instead of a mail box. .   And what is that in the pretty bag?  It looks to be even MORE hearts!  Well...sort of....!  Sophie has. . . for each of her friends,  a pretty Sweetheart Rose, tied with a bow and tagged with their name! .  That shows you who  REALLY is the Sweetheart, doesn't it??


Reverse Applique "Heart" Jumper
Sophie is wearing a "Perfectly Pretty Pink" wool felt jumper, uniquely styled with gored panels and a scalloped hem with an underlying border of white.   The panels feature four individual hearts that were designed using the art of reverse applique.  Each heart is ornately embellished using a combination of beading, embroidery and traditional applique, making each heart a unique piece of art on it's own. 

The neckline and back flap of the jumper is embroided with roses that echo those seen in the four hearts.  An organza bow accents the front of the jumper as well as the back opening.

Delicately Embroidered Blouse
Under her jumper, Sophie wears a delicate blouse made of sheer vintage white lawn.  The neckline is embroidered with a smattering of flowers and pearls, and the full sleeves feature trailing embroidered roses, culminating in a loop and bead closure at the cuff that is accented with a pearl centered organza bow.

White Angora Cardigan
Setting off her Valentines dress, Sophie wears a bright white sweater made of soft and lush angora yarn. The sleeves and front feature embroiderd roses to match her jumper, and organza ribbons form a bow at the bead and loop neck closure.  Myriad tiny seed pearls are sewn along the bottom edges of the sweater and the sleeves..

Fancy Anklets & Handpainted Shoes
Sophie is wearing pretty little anklets, .a perfectly dainty look for such a pretty and feminine outfit!  The tops of the anklets are scalloped and sewn with tiny seed pearls, and a little pearl centered bow adorns the side of each sock.  Her shoes are pretty little pink pumps, handpainted with roses and featuring a little ankle strap.

Sophie's Mail Bag...and "Sweethearts"!
What a beautiful mail bag Sophie and Mom made!  I bet all the girls will want one for next year!  And look at all of the pretty pink and white roses . . . . . and they all have bows and tags!  Wonder if there is one for YOU in that bag???