*** FAIRIES, THAT IS!!!! ***

for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Flannel Jumper ~ White Top
Embroidered Sweater w/ Angora Trim
AngoraTam ~ Embroidered Shoes
Ballet Program, Gift &  Giftbag

 The "Girls" - Sophie, her Mom and Grandmom - are taking the train into the city (Philadelphia by the way) this chilly Saturday morning. They have tickets to the Saturday matinee at the Academy of Music - to see what else but the Nutcracker Suite!

Understandably, Sophie is VERY excited, and asks (for maybe the fourth time),. . . . . . 

"Mom - what time did you say the show starts? We won't be late, will we?

Her Mom assures her, "No Sophie - we will get there with time to spare.
We even have enough time to get a bite to eat before the show."

 "I don't know Mom - maybe we better eat AFTER the show - we SURE don't want to be late!!"
In which scene does the Sugar Plum Fairy dance?? She is my VERY favorite!! I CAN'T miss a SINGLE dance!!!"


Sophie obviously chose her outfit for the ballet with "Sugar Plums" on her mind! She is wearing a full skirted jumper and knit top combo that is so very feminine! Topping the outfit, she wears a cozy, angora trimmed cardigan sweater that features an embroidered bodice. An angora Tam finishes the perfectly festive outfit! Sophie looks like such a little lady for her first trip to the ballet!

Sophie's full skirted jumper is made of soft flannel fabric in a muted blue and purple plaid. The skirt is trimmed with vintage blue scallops over a fringed hem, finished with an edging of crisp white eyelet. The lined bodice is deeply scooped and embellished with a touch of floral embroidery. Under the jumper is a simple white cotton knit blouse....the neck edged with eyelet to match the skirt. A circle of embroidered flowers highlights the blouse front.

Topping the jumper, Sophie wears a beautiful hand knit cardigan sweater in a rich shade of plum. The sleeves and bottom are banded with soft blue angora, and the front opening echoes the blue trim and plaid fringe used on the skirt. The sweater's bodice features lavishly hand embroidered floral sprays - dotted with crystal beads reminiscent of the "Sugar" in Sugar Plums!

Crowning her vibrant red hair, Sophie wears a perky tam, knit with wonderfully soft blue angora. It is trimmed with plaid fringe, a plum colored crocheted band, and a sparkling spray of berries and "velvet" leaves, dusted with "sugar" crystals. A silver spiral adds the perfect touch of whimsy

Peeking from beneath Sophie's ruffled skirt are her beautiful plum colored shoes to match her new outfit. They too are embroidered, and are sprinkled with "crystal" beads and painted leaves. Leave it to Sophie (or maybe Ann Estelle as well) to have matching shoes!!

Sophie, still in awe of the beauty and pageantry of this classic ballet, emerges from the theater with souvenirs in hand! She of course has the playbill - and then Grandmom bought her a special treat! It is a pretty little beaded bracelet safely tucked into a beautiful gift bag, adorned with a sterling silver Sugar Plum Fairy!! How excited Sophie is - is there any way she can eat lunch now???