for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!



Angora Coat  &  Headband

Turtleneck Leotard
Pleated Kilt * Embroidered Vest * Tam
Boots * Shoes
Sophie's Snow Friend ~  A Mug of Hot Chocolate!

This auction finds Sophie running into the house - and she is heading straight for the fireplace. As she holds her hands in front of the fire, her Mom quizzically asks, "My Heavens Sophie, your hands are so red! Where are your mittens?" Sophie looks up, and with an innocent smile, points to her jacket she still has pulled tightly around her. "Right here Mom! Here are my mittens!!" "No, Sophie you silly - you know that is NOT what I mean. I am talking about your REAL mittens. The ones you were wearing on your hands when you went outside!" "Oh, those," Sophie sheepishly remarks, "Ummm - I lent them to my friend!" "Which friend do you mean? Last time I looked out the window, Ann Estelle was wearing her OWN mittens!" Mom counters. Sophie confesses, " Well Mom, I'm talking about my NEW friend! She is still outside - That is why she NEEDS my mittens!" With that, Mom quickly looks out the window - what is Sophie up to now, she wonders?!!!


Guess what? Today is another SNOW DAY!! And guess who spent the day playing outside?!

Sophie is dressed for the coldest of temperatures, wearing a very cozy sweater coat, knit with soft, very long haired angora in a beautiful dark Shell pink color. A white corduroy pleated kilt, a warm turtleneck leotard and a little vest complete the cuddly outfit.

The front of Sophie's lush angora coat is decorated with pairs of embroidered and appliqued mittens......attached with adorable braided cords.

The back of the sweater features a classic winter scene...a "Snow Friend" sitting on a mound of snow. The scene is again rendered in a combo of applique and embroidery. A smattering of iridescent snowflakes and tiny shimmering seed beads are scattered across the front and back of the sweater.

Sophie's short, white corduroy kilt style skirt peeks below the angora coat. It is edged with vintage pink rickrack, and the side opening is highlighted with a pair of mini mittens and a trio of tiny buttons.

Ringing Sophie's adorable face is a full headband made of very lush white angora that almost has the look of fur. It is accented with a fabric band and snaps in the back beneath her hair.

Boy, was that playing outside tough work! Sophie FINALLY is warm enough to remove her coat. She still looks just as cute though, wearing her little white pleated skirt, along with a pale pink and white striped Turtleneck leotard.

A muted green vest embroidered with tiny french knot roses, complements the outfit just perfectly.

Sophie wears an adorable pink felt tam, now that she is inside out of the cold. The tam is decorated with a felt bow, braid, and a vintage button! She has replaced her boots with pink shoes, completing her "inside " outfit! Now she can relax and enjoy the cold weather snack that Mom has made for her......a mug of cocoa and a super sized cookie! What is there NOT to love about snow days??


And what did Mom see when she peeked out the window? LOOK at what Sophie and Ann Estelle made!! This must be their new Snow Friend!! And wouldn't you know - Sophie's mittens seem to be keeping her new friend's "hands" warm!! Boy, did Sophie have a busy morning!! It is no wonder she is enjoying her snack with such relish!!