SCARY........or SILLY????

for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Flannel  "Pumpkin Pants"
Appliqued Turtleneck Sweater
Cropped Vest ~ Hair Band
Carved Jack O'Lantern

 This auction finds Ann Estelle, Sophie and Gracie at Ann Estelle's house...newspapers spread out, and up to their elbows in "goo"!! It is that time again......the yearly pumpkin carving party! And boy, are they hard at work!! Ann looks up and says, "Okay girls......what is it this year...Scary or Silly??" The three friends all look at each other...furrow their brows and yell in unison..."SCARYYYYYYY!!!!!" Scary it is!!! !!!!"


Ann Estelle wears the perfect outfit for her carving party... flannel pumpkin print pants, and a black turtleneck sweater topped with a felt vest! She sure does look in the mood for Halloween, doesn't she??


Ann Estelle's "pumpkin pants" are made of a high quality flannel fabric, richly printed with vintage style Jack O'Lanterns. The full cut legs gather into felt cuffs with accent saddlestitching, and the waistband has a back snap closure.

Her turtleneck sweater is handknit of thin imported wool yarn in midnight black, and is edged with multicolored saddlestitching. The sweater features a trio of appliqued and embroidered Jack O'Lanterns, again in a vintage style. It closes in the back with snaps covered with small buttons.


Topping the sweater, Ann Estelle wears a short vest made of rust colored felt. It is trimmed in black saddlestitching and features tiny flannel pockets. The lapels are turned back and secured with small black buttons. The vest closes with a single button and loop closure.

Ann wears a simple fabric hairband to keep her hair out of the way while attending to the serious business of pumpkin carving! It is embellished with a bow, black ribbon tendrils....and a SPIDER!!!!

Look! Here is Ann, still hard at work on her pumpkin. It does look almost finished though. .. . . . . What do you think?? It really isn't THAT scary, is it???