for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Autumn print Jumper over Linen Dress
Angora Sweater, Hat
Wagon Filled with Pumpkins

This auction finds Sophie at nearby Kohler's Farm, setting out with her Mom and Dad across the "You Pick It" Pumpkin Patch. Trailing behind is her trusty wagon.....looking so empty and forlorn! "Hope here is enough room for all of our pumpkins!", Sophie wonders out loud, looking back and forth between the span of pumpkin field and the wagon. "Of course there is Sophie", her Mom laughs,...."if you fill THIS wagon, we'll have Jack O'Lanterns and pumpkin pies galore!!!" Sophie replies.."But MOMMMM....don't forget the Pumpkin bread, the Scarecrow's head....and best of all...the toasted pumpkin seeds!!! I REALLY think we need LOTS!!!!!"


Sophie looks quite the picture in her jaunty outfit that is just perfect for adorable dress and jumper combination, over which she wears a soft, angora sweater that keeps her warm as toast in the crisp fall air!

Sophie's jumper is made of vintage cotton fabric, richly colored in a medley of fall inspired colors. The jumper's V-necked bodice tops a calf-length gathered skirt...trimmed with a band of plaid homespun. The jumper has a front buttoning waist closure.

Beneath the jumper, Sophie wears a simple..and simply elegant...dress of vintage ecru linen. The calf-length skirt is trimmed with multicolored saddlestitching, below which the fringed hem peeks beneath the jumper. The pleated, full length sleeves are embellished with embroidered flowers, as is the bodice. The neck and cuffs of the dress repeat the plaid used in the trim, and the dress has back snap closures.

Sophie's very cozy cardigan sweater is hand knit with soft angora yarn in a rich shade of camel tan. Flower embroidery decorates the bodice of the sweater, and saddlestitching trims the sleeves and bottom of the sweater. Button loops and vintage black jet glass buttons provide a unique closure.

Crowning her head, Sophie wears an open-brimmed picture hat made of off-white wool felt. It is rimmed with a band of crocheted angora, and is embellished with a print bow decorated with a pair of vintage buttons (Mother-of-pearl and jet glass) and ribbon tendrils.

Rough terrain calls for special foowear! . . . .
For her "trek" across the pumpkin fields, Sophie wears a pair of black and tan striped knee socks and short black hiking boots!

It seems Sophie REALLY meant it when she said she needed LOTS of pumpkins!! Here we see the wagon, overloaded with her "field finds".... a bevy of pumpkins (felt) and a few large squash for variation!! Sophie better get busy...she has quite a bit of carving and baking to do now!! Maybe Ann Estelle, Gracie and Georgia will help!