Embroidery Trimmed Romper
Handknit Sweater Vest
Hat,  Headband & Shoes

for 10" Ann Estelle and Friends!


This auction features a darling Sophie . . .. . .  all dressed-up for a day of earnest game playing!! The first fun activity is a silly game of Ring around the Rosy.. .. . . . is there ever a better excuse to go tumbling onto the newly mown spring lawn???!! Sophie is looking as perky as can be in her new romper and sweater set, bedecked..,  appropriately enough. . . . .with rings of roses! . . . . . . .( I wonder where she got the idea to play THIS particular game????)


Sophie's romper is made of a combo of soft cotton fabrics. The ankle length, full pants are made of a rose print and are cuffed at the ankle. The lined bodice is made of a soft, off-white cotton muslin. It has a single tuck down the center which is accented with small pink buttons. The round, slightly overlapping collar.....also muslin...is saddle stitched with rose floss. The arm and pant cuffs are made of the off-white muslin edged in green, and hand embroidered with tiny "roses". A green band separates the bodice and the pants. The romper has back snap closures.

The romper is paired with a handknit vest in rose pink wool yarn. Crocheted trim in soft green encircles the overlapping V-style neckine, and the closure is accented with a single old jadite glass button. The vest front is embellished with a small "pocket full of posies"...embroidered that is!

Sophie just could not decide what to wear in her hair this morning....She ended up with both a constructed hairband covered with the rose print fabric and decorated with a bow AND a head hugging hat made with a combo of all three fabrics...print crown, muslin brim and green trim. ...It is also decorated with a bow.

Sophie is also wearing matching green slip-on sandals with pink straw edging...perfectly completing her spring-like outfit!