Pleated Kilt-Style Dress
Embroidered Sweater
Hairband & Shoes

Picnic Basket

for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


This auction features Ann Estelle. . . . all dressed-up and ready to hop on her bicycle.... She is off to a midsummer picnic at her secret hideaway! Her friend Sophie knows JUST where to meet her. . . .  beneath the HUGE weeping willow tree in her neighbor Mrs. Hatcher's side yard! (SHHHHH. . . . DON'T tell anyone!!!!) As Ann gets ready to leave, her Mom yells one last set of instuctions, "Do you have your picnic basket?? ANDDDDD . . . . MAKE SURE you take your sweater!!  Ann Estelle of course, is ready. . . and set. . . and off she goes!!!

For her latest summer adventure... Ann Estelle is wearing a very perky kilt-style wrap dress, made of a crisp plaid cotton fabric in a white and primary colored plaid. The dress has a sleeveless, lined bodice and a lightly pleated short skirt. It features a fringed opening down the left front of the dress. Small red studs simulate buttons, covering the snaps that close the garment. A red bow highlights the waist. The front of both the skirt and the bodice feature a hand embroidered swirl of summer flowers in bright and cheerful primary colors!

Topping off Ann Estelle's dress is an even perkier short sleeved sweater, hand knit with rich yellow imported wool yarn. The short sleeves are edged with fringed cuffs that echo the dress's kilt opening. The same fringed trim also accents the sweater front. The front bodices of the sweater are highlighted with a pair of embroidered floral sprays, similar to those adorning the dress. For an added touch of interest, a fringed belt and tiny floral spray adorn the sweater's back.

Topping off her picnic outfit, Ann wears a festive and very fanciful hair band. It is constructed of fringed fabric that matches her dress, and is further embellished with red and yellow ribbons with tightly spiraled ends hanging playfully amidst her curls! It attaches in the back beneath her hair. 

What is a picnic without something to eat??!!!
 Ann Estelle carries a small picnic basket filled with the "goodies" her Mom packed! A loaf of bread, a few pieces of fruit, and a special treat . . . . cookies.!!
A perfect hideaway. . . . .a perfect snack. . . . a perfectly fun outfit - and a perfectly wonderful friend. . ..  .  equal what???

A PERFECT PICNIC, of course!!!!!!