1950's Style Bicycle
. . . . . All Dressed*Up for a PARADE!!!

Sized for 10" Ann Estelle and Friends!



This auction features a wonderfully realistic bright red bicycle, festively decorated for a Patriotic Parade.  It is CLEARLY a Blue Ribbon winner, don't you think?  

  As you see in the photos, this bike is modeled after the bicycles of the 50's and is perfectly sized for the 10" dolls. 

This bicycle is made of metal, and has moveable wheels and pedals. It is painted a bright, cheery...and shiny... red color! As you see, the front wire basket is filled with a container of bright red roses ...... and spirial streamers cascade from the handlebars.   Stars and flags are everywhere!................ and the bike's seat is edged in white crocheted lace for a very feminine touch!

And don't forget the "fireworks" nestled in the basket sitting on the back tray!  Too bad they are not REAL....they would come in handy at the evenings fireworks display in the park!  
The perfect patriotic bicycle for a perfect parade!