KNIT 1.... PURL 1
for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Hand knit Angora Sweater and Tam,
Embroidered Jumpsuit
 Scarf & Shoes
Knitting Basket

This auction finds Sophie, running into the house after spending the afternoon at Grandmom's house.

She calls out.."Mom. . . . look what Grandmom is teaching me!"

As her Mom comes into the room, Sophie holds up a small straw basket saying. . . . "I am learning to knit Mom!!
Look at my new knitting basket. . . . .
.AND my first project!
I think I will knit Dad a scarf for Christmas. It will be just as soft as my new sweater that Grandmom just made for me!!

Hope I get it done in time for Christmas. . . . .Don't tell him, .. . . . okay???!!"


Sophie returns from Grandmom's house, resplendent in her cozy ..and VERY soft angora sweater and tam, under which she wears a matching jumpsuit.

Sophie's cardigan sweater is hand knit with fine angora yarn in a "mellow yellow" color that is as soft as the yarn itself. The sweater is trimmed with blue edging made of vintage rickrack, and the bottom of the sweater is rimmed with simple blue and yellow embroidered flowers. A fringed shawl in blue and yellow plaid homespun cotton ties around the neck. Setting off her vibrant red hair, Sophie wears a yellow angora knit tam, accented with a band of the blue and yellow plaid fabric. A large fringed bow highlighted with ribbon tendrils and a duo of vintage buttons is the finishing touch.

Sophie's coordinating jumpsuit is a combo of cotton fabrics. The wide legged pants are made of finely ribbed vintage cotton in a pale maize color. A row of embroidered flowers runs down the side of each leg, and the turned up cuffs are accented with fringed blue and yellow plaid fabric. The lined bodice is made of the plaid homespun fabric, and the pleated sleeves are cuffed with the maize cotton. The maize colored cotton is also used for the turtleneck collar, and the same blue edging that was used on the sweater is echoed at the neck and waist. The bodice has back snap closures.

Let's take a peek at Sophie's new project. . . . .thanks to her Grandmom. Looks like she has her work cut out for her, doesn't it?? Dad is pretty big.. . . . maybe a sweater for Nellie (her cat) would have been a better idea!