for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Taffeta Party Dress 
Coordinated Plush Vest
Hair band &  Handpainted Shoes 
Ann Estelle's Special Christmas Gift

This auction finds Ann Estelle waiting by the front door of her home - resplendent in her "holiday finery".
It is the day of her family's annual Holiday Open House, and as always, Ann is positioned to greet the guests!
 Every year, Ann and her Mom make a special ornament as a gift for each family. It seems Ann Estelle is really excited about this year's selection - but then again, she is excited every year! It is such fun to give gifts, isn't it? - Particularly ones that you have made!! She excitedly calls to her Mom, " I think I see Sophie and her parents pulling into the driveway! I just can't wait to give them their gift this year! I hope they will like it!" " I hope so too Ann - but how could they not? It is almost like getting two gifts in one, isn't it?" Mom laughs. " Oh Mom, you are sooo silly!!" Ann replies shyly smiling.

What in the world IS this "Special Gift"? I guess we will have to wait until Sophie gets here and receives the first gift of the day, won't we?


There is nothing more exciting than being a junior hostess for a holiday party. For this very special day, Ann wears a beautiful dress which combines two vintage fabrics...a festive plaid taffeta and a soft white batiste. Accompanying the dress is a lovely plush vest, it's appliques perfectly coordinated with the embroidery on her dress. Ann Estelle makes such a pretty hostess - no wonder she is the one greeting the guests!

Ann Estelle's new holiday dress has a tea length skirt made of vintage taffeta in rich tones of royal blue, green and rose. The very full gathered skirt is trimmed with vintage lace. The skirt is further accented with a short flounced skirt layer that is embellished with trios of seed beads. The bodice of the dress is made of vintage batiste, dyed to a soft ecru color. The full pleated sleeves are each embellished with a sprig of tiny embroidered holly leaves featuring tiny pearlized pink seed bead 'berries'. Embroidered tendrils wind down the sleeves and are sprinkled with additional tiny seed beads. The dress bodice is highlighted with a placket, embroidered with a sprig of holly leaves and bead 'berries'. The placket is edged with the taffeta plaid. A touch of lace and a small standup collar trim the neckline. Vintage picot trim encircles Ann's waist.

Ann is also wearing a richly looking vest made of plush velveteen-style fabric in a deep royal blue. The vest is lined with the plaid taffeta. It has a front waist closure, and a faux peplum flares slightly at the waist. Holly made of embroidered wool felt provide a touch of decoration to the vest front and back.

In her shining blond hair, Ann Estelle is wearing a padded hairband of plaid taffeta fabric. A bow incorporating the taffeta and the royal blue plush fabric is set off to the side. A pair of glittery vintage Christmas bells and felt holly leaves also decorate the hairpiece. It attaches under Ann's hair with a snap closure.

To finish her perfectly coordinated Holiday ensemble, Ann Estelle is wearing a pair of dark rose shoes embellished with painted holly leaves, accented with sewn bead 'berries'.

Ann Estelle, as always, looks like a perfectly darling little lady...and is JUST the person to warmly welcome the guests.

Sophie and her parents are here!! And what does Ann Estelle have for them this year?? It looks like Ann is going to give Sophie a KISS on her cheek!! Look - she is reaching to hold up a tiny mistletoe Kissing ball over Sophie's head! I understand now! Each guest not only gets an adorable Kissing Ball ornament, but even better, receives a kiss from our pretty little 'Miss Hostess'! What a grand holiday party this will be!!!