for 10" Ann Estelle and Friends!


Embroidered Sweater

 Plaid Kilt & Shell

This auction features sweet Ann Estelle,
off on a crisp spring morning jaunt
 to visit the flower vendor!

 Ann is wearing her new pleated kilt
with a matching embroidered sweater
to fend off the morning chill.

 What a picture she makes...
bedecked with flowers....
 both on her outfit and in her arms!


Ann's cardigan sweater is handknit using a soft aqua wool yarn, and is hand embroidered with vines of flowers up the bodice. It buttons at the neck.

Her pleated kilt is made with a soft woven cotton fabric in an aqua, salmon & yellow plaid. The front flap is embroidered with a floral and vined design to match the sweater.

The sleeveless shell..worn beneath the sweater.... is made with a deep yellow cotton fabric, and trimmed with multicolored braid.

In her hair, Ann Estelle is wearing a constructed headband, embellished with a side bow.

In her arms, Ann is holding a tissue wrapped bouquet of daisies.... the proof of a successful and fun trip!