Plenty of Pasties...PLEASEEEEE!!!

for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Full-skirted dress with Embroidered Collar
Matching Wool Felt Jacket
Open-Crowned Picture Hat
Basket of 'freshly baked" Jam Pasties!

Skipping down the stairs, Ann Estelle exclaims,
"Mom!!!. . . . Can we stop at Grandmom's after Sunday School?
. . .She is baking pies today! You KNOW what that means. . . . . JAM PASTIES!"**
"I hope she made grape AND raspberry !" she giggles, looking down at her dress.
 "For some reason I'm in the mood for BOTH!"

Coincidentally enough, Ann is dressed in a wonderfully feminine summer dress, it's fabric patterned with a riotous display of flowers. . . . the colors reminiscent of dollops of those very flavors of jam that she so loves!! It is made of a very vintage (that means really old...1930s) crisp cotton fabric brightly printed with flowers in various shades of violet, magenta and deep yellow gold. The mid-calf length dress is sleeveless and has a full gathered skirt that flares out from an empire, lined bodice. The waist is accented with a narrow waistband made of vintage ecru colored linen. It is decorated with a series of hand embroidered flowers. The dress features a large square collar that extends over Ann's shoulders. It is also made of ecru linen, and is edged with crocheted trim thru which is laced thin magenta colored ribbon. The collar is further embellished with a large spray of hand embroidered flowers that echo the flowers on the dress fabric. The hem of the skirt is also edged with crocheted cotton trim with the magenta ribbon accent. The dress has back snap closures.

Completing the outfit, Ann is wearing a pert, short sleeved bolero-style jacket made of off-white wool felt. The sleeves are edged with the crocheted trim. The front panels of the jacket are each accented with a single embroidered flower amidst a trailing vine, again echoing the floral pattern of the dress fabric and the collar of the dress.

Setting off her pretty smile, Ann is wearing an open crowned hat made of off-white wool felt. It is made in a wide brimmed style and it is turned up at the back and decorated with buttons. The front brim is decorated with a "bow" of felt trimmed with lace and ribbon, and embroidered with a single flower. The bow is attached with a tack pin so it's location can be changed if desired.

Did you see what Ann's Grandmom gave her to take home? Ann Estelle carries a wicker basket lined with a fringed napkin which is keeping warm some extra jam pasties for her to share with her friends! But. . . UH OH! It looks like Ann couldn't wait!!!! The aroma of the freshly baked goodies got the best of her!!