Hearts Anyone???
TASTY TREATS ....from the HEART!!

 for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Pleated Skirt * Turtleneck Top
Embroidered Vest * Tam * Shoes
Basket of  'Heart Treats'
This auction finds Sophie scurrying around getting ready for school. It is Valentine's Day, which means Party Day at her elementary school! Needless to say, the excitement level in her house is at it's hilt this morning!

Flying into the kitchen, Sophie frantically asks, "Where ARE they Mom??? I can't find my hearts!!" " Calm down Sophie," Mom laughingly replies. "I have them all packed in a basket for you and they are waiting by the front door." "Phew," replies Sophie. "I was so afraid the puppy - or even Dad - would eat them before I had a chance to give them to the girls!! Wow, was that a close one!! I better get off to school right away! This isn't a safe place for ANY cookies, let alone such pretty ones!!! !!


Sophie sets off for her exciting day at school, all dressed up for the festivities. She is wearing a perky new outfit, bought JUST for this occasion! And of course, she looks as sweet as the little treats she is carrying in her basket.....homemade Valentine treats for all of her friends!

Sophie's calf-length pleated skirt is made of a red and white checked homespun fabric. It has an insert of red felt that is embroidered to match her vest. The skirt's bottom is edged with vintage rickrack adding a playful.....and retro touch to her outfit.

Sophie also wears a crisp white cotton knit turtleneck top with a tiny applique heart accenting the collar.

Her red wool felt vest is the centerpiece of this special holiday outfit. It too, is edged in rickrack to coordinate with the skirt. The vest is embellished with a trio of decorated applique hearts. The lapels are backed and edged with white wool felt and feature tiny embroidered rosebuds. A heart, embroidered roses, and a small belt also provide a touch of interest on the back of the vest.

Sophie wears an adorable red felt tam, worn at a jaunty angle! The tam is decorated with a checked bow, a spray of embroidered roses and an embroidered heart applique.

Always coordinated to her toes, Sophie's white tights and black shoes (decorated with tiny red heart appliques) provide a perfect finishing touch.

Pretty Sophie certainly does look special - a special outfit for a special day!


Here we see Sophie with her basket of cookies - each nestled in a cellophane bag and tied with a bow! She is ready to surprise all her friends with their special Valentine's Day treat! EXCEPT - I am not sure, but it looks to me as if Sophie is giving one of the cookies a taste test!! Well, I guess that is a good idea! It is better make sure the cookies taste as nice as they look!! What a fun party this will be! Don't you wish you could be there too???