for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends! 

Pleated Slacks
Handknit Sleeveless Sweater
Angora Cardigan Sweater
Hat * Headband
Denim Miniskirt


Mom . . . . . . . what does GROOVY mean??" Ann Estelle asks as she walks into the kitchen. "Groovy? Well, . . . . . . it means really neat. Sort of "with it" I guess. It was a term we used when I was your age! Where did you come across that word in this day and age? " Mom quizzically wonders. Ann Estelle replies, "When I just came downstairs, Dad told me I was his little Groovy Girl . . . . . . I wasn't sure if that was good or bad!! "Laughing, Mom answers, "It is definitely good Ann. It is probably because your new outfit looks a little like the clothes we wore when your Dad and I were young . . . . . you know, during the Flower Power years!! Go tell Dad he is showing his age . . . . . . . and that you are not only groovy, you are way cool!"


Now that you mention it, Ann Estelle's new outfit she is wearing to school today DOES look a touch retro! Her corduroy "flower power" print slacks are a definite reminder ot the 60's! No wonder they remind Dad of the good old days. All they are missing is the bell bottoms...(and of course they aren't hip huggers either). Ann's accompanying soft yellow angora sweater and turquoise knit hat are stylish back then as they are today! And both are just perfect for the chill of this early spring weather. In case is gets a bit too warm, Ann is wearing a sleeveless shell beneath her sweater that coordinates perfectly with her old/new fashioned slacks! She definitely IS her Dad's thoroughly modern groovy girl!!

Ann Estelle is wearing pleated slacks made of a soft pinwale corduroy fabric in a fun flower print reminiscent of the 1960's. The pleats in her slacks extend the full length of each leg and are edged in cotton lace, dyed pale yellow to match her sweater. They button at the ankle with a bead and loop closure.

Paired with the slacks is a handknit sleeveless sweater/shell in turquoise yarn. The neck is embellished with pale yellow dyed cotton trim laced with tricolored braid, and two mini pockets. It has back snap closures.

Over the slacks and shell, Ann Estelle is wearing a handknit cardigan sweater is a soft yellow angora. The sweater is accented with a collar that matches the cord slacks, and is trimmed in tricolored braid and tassels. Turquoise cats eye beads paired with braided loops provide the front closures.

For a touch of variety, Sophie also has a little denim miniskirt that looks PERFECT with this outfit!  It is even topstitched to match.....and the bow is just the perfect touch!

Pulled down over her long hair, Ann Estelle wears a knit hat of turquoise yarn. The hat is trimmed with dyed lace, a band of the cord print, and a vintage hand tooled button tied with tasseled braid. She also has a saucy headband to wear in lieu of the hat, as it sometimes gets a touch warm in the afternoon for a hat!!


Ann Estelle is off to school in her Groovy outfit!

She even has a crocheted shoulder bag decorated with tassels . . . . .and she has a bouquet of fabric flowers!  

What is more 60's than that??? She is really is WAY COOL/ GROOVY. . . . . isn't she???