for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


 Pleated Skirt, Turtleneck Top & Vest
Embroidered Jacket/Sweater & Angora Scarf
Tam, Loafers and Kneesocks

This auction finds Ann Estelle anxiously waiting for her cousin to arrive.
They are going to the big Thanksgiving Day football game (a yearly rivalry with a nearby school) - on the Sport's Bus no less!
"Mom - do you think she forgot me???" Ann Estelle frets.
"No Ann - it is still an hour before she said she would be here. You are not TOO anxious, are you?? her Mom asks with a smile.
"Well Mom, wouldn't YOU be anxious too? She is taking me along with all the big kids - I'll have to act REALLY grown-up!
I look pretty old in my new outfit - maybe they will think I am a teenager too!"
 Her Mom laughingly replies,
"Well Ann, I think maybe your height MAY give you away - but you don't want to grow up that fast anyway, do you?"


Ann Estelle chose this perfectly jaunty outfit to wear to the Thanksgiving Day football game! Her short pleated skirt is paired with a soft yellow turtleneck and topped with a felt vest. A sweater jacket and tam keep her cosy...and her angora scarf is handy if it gets too chilly!

Ann Estelle's short knife pleated skirt is made of vintage plaid fabric in a combo of blues and greens. A bias cut gives te skirt such a jaunty flair!
Her pale yellow turtleneck top is made of cotton knit. It snaps up the back, and has a tiny embroidered rose accenting the collar.
Over the turtleneck, Ann Estelle is wearing a dark green wool felt vest, it's lapels echoing the plaid in the skirt. Braided trim edges the lapels.

Topping her outfit, Ann Estelle wears a hand knit cardigan in a beautiful copen blue. The front and collar are edged with plaid fabric, as are the sleeves, making the sweater more of a jacket than a sweater. The bodice is embroidered with simple yellow rosebuds. The jacket fastens in the front with a button and loop closure.
Just in case it gets really chilly, Ann Estelle also has a handknit scarf of soft yellow angora. It looks like it will be so cozy tucked around her neck!

Continuing her jaunty look, Ann Estelle is wearing a knit beret, dipped down to one side. The beret is trimmed with bands of the plaid fabric, yellow angora, and tricolored braid. A bow, combining these three trimsand secured with a vintage button, accents the hat.

As the final touch, Ann wears pale yellow knit kneesocks, trimmed with tasseled braid. The requisite loafers finish off the outfit. What do you think?? Will Ann Estelle pass for a teenager in this outfit??
Well. . . . . Ann Estelle is on her way!! She has her angora scarf in tow - and boy, what school spirit!! Ann's cousin gave her a team pennant to wave at the game!! Won't this be such a fun time? A perfect start to a perfect Thankgiving Day!