Embroidered Slacks
Embroidered Vest * Turtleneck Top
Embroidered Angora Sweater
Hat * Shoes

for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


"Mom....I can NOT find a single blue flower",  Sophie complains, as she, her Mom, and Grandmom stroll thru the displays at this year's Philadelphia Flower Show.   "All these flowers are really pretty.........but they are all pink and yellow! BLUE is my favorite color! I really wanted some blue flowers for my bedroom. I am SOOOOO TIRED of the snow. Isn't today the first day of spring??" Mom replies, "Keep looking Sophie. There definitely ARE blue flowers, though not as many varieties as there are pink. We won't give up.............we still have lots of ground to cover!!  Meanwhile, just enjoy the displays. As always, they are so beautiful. Don't you wish our gardens looked like this?


Sophie is all dressed up for the flower show this year. Although it is now officially the spring, there still is snow on the ground (at least here in Philadelphia). Consequently, Sophie is wearing a soft angora sweater over her bright white embroidered corduroy slacks...A bit of spring along with some the warmth of cozy angora. And just look at Sophie's outfit! She obviously wasn't kidding....she DOES like blue flowers......... Blue flowers everywhere! She surely IS the picture of spring!

Sophie's white corduroy pleated slacks are embroidered with sprays of Bachelor Buttons and Forget-me-nots, tied with ribbon bows.

Paired with the slacks is a white with blue floral print cotton knit turtleneck leotard.

Her blue wool felt vest sets off the outfit and is subtley embroidered with forget-me-nots and finished with a bow. The vest is edged in rickrack accented with french knots.


Topping the outfit and providing a touch of warmth is a Cornflower/Bachelor Button blue angora cardigan . The sweater is also edged in knot accented rickrack to coordinate with Sophie's vest. The sweater features embroidered pockets, and a ribbon tied bouquet of beautiful blue flowers graces the back.

On her head, Sophie wears a snug little hat made of white cord, piped with blue felt, and embellished with embroidered blue flowers and a bow. She has a little elasticized headband as well when she gets tired of wering her hat.

Always coordinated to her toes, Sophie wears pretty blue embellished shoes.

A pretty outfit for a pretty girl....and flowers as bountiful...as those at the flower show!


Now let's see..................did Sophie find her blue bouquet?? OH NOOOOO..she doesn't have ANY bouquet, let alone a blue one! BUT. . . . . . it does seem that Grandmom bought Sophie a little potting kit so she can grow her own blue flowers for the garden this year! That is even better than a bouquet I think. It looks like she has Bachelor Buttons AND Forget-me-nots! I"ll bet this year's flower garden WILL be as nice as those at the show after Sophie gets done!! Spring is obviously here! HURRAYYYYY!!!!!!