Dress*Ups by pj

**the difference is in the details**

Deliciously Golden!
A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Sophie, Ann Estelle & friends

by pj

Golden Apples for the Golden Girl!!  

Is there anything more appealing than a crisp fall apple??? Make that a DELICIOUS apple! Better yet...a GOLDEN DELICIOUS apple!!

Sophie and her family are in search of that very special fall treat at Kohler's Apple Orchard this crisp fall day. . .  

But where are the pretty yellow apples? Sophie sees the classic red apples...a zillion varieties and colors it seems

. . . . . and even some tart green Granny Smith's.

. . . . .but WHERE are the pretty YELLOW ones?

AHA!! There, at the far side of the orchard. . . ( a million miles away she suspects). . . . Sophie finds her coveted treat...and has filled her basket with the BEST of the BEST!

Golden Delicious apples for our deliciously golden little girl

. . . . Seems fitting, doesn't it?


(Sophie is not included in this sale)

Box-Pleated Skirt
. . . . Sophie is wearing a jaunty plaid 'above the knee' skirt , pleated all around with crisp box pleats.  The fabric is a woven cotton plaid, colored in a medley of apple greens, golden yellows and a touch of  blue. 

Wool Felt Top
. . . . . Coordinating perfectly with her skirt is a short top made of buttery yellow wool felt. Bands of the plaid skirt fabric encircle the neckline and hem, and a tiny placket with a trio of mini buttons adds a touch of interest to the front.  A small apple applique adds a touch of whimsy.

Handknit Cardigan Sweater
. . . . .Completeing Sophie's outfit, is a soft handknt cardigan sweater made with a blend of silk and alpaca yarn.  A coordinating band of plaid also edges the sleeves and hem of the cardigan, and braided cord provides a tie closure at the neckline.  A set of "good enough to eat"  Golden delicious apples is appliqued on the sweater front.

Hair Ribbon

Short Crew Socks & Handpainted Shoes

Sophie's Basket of Golden Apples


All clothing is crafted in a smoke-free environment.