for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!



1930's Style Dress
with Embroidered Collar
Cloche Style Hat
Purse & Bracelet
Ann's Slingshot

This auction features Ann Estelle standing quietly (for a change!) by the front door, having just returned from an overnight stay with her Grandmother. " My. . . . . don't you look like the perfect little lady!" her Mother exclaims.  Ann blushes as she answers.. . . . . . ."Do you like my new dress? Grandmom told me I look just like she did when she was my age.  With her brow furrowed and a sparkle in her eyes, Ann asks, . . . .  . "Do I have REALLY have to ACT like a lady??. . . . . . . Can't I just LOOK like one???".   With that being said,  .Ann's Mom looks a little more closely at Ann's outfit and sees the little "treasure" she has tucked in the pocket!!

Ann Estelle is wearing an adorable, embroidery accented dress, patterned after the "young girl" styles of the 1930s. The outfit includes a lightly gathered dress with a large off-center collar, a matching embroidery trimmed hat, and of course....a coordinating purse!

Ann's very demure 30's style dress is made of vintage dotted swiss voile fabric in a rich dark red and navy plaid. Small accents of yellow and green are woven throughout and the flocked dots are white. The moderately full-cut dress is gathered into a lined yoke bodice. The crisply contrasting collar is made of a vintage white pique fabric, and it is edged with navy trim and white crocheted lace. A thin red braid serves to accent the trim. The collar is heavily hand embroidered with a floral spray in red, navy and green. A braided red rosette further accents the collar. The slightly puffed sleeves of the dress are trimmed in navy. A pair of functioning pockets, edged with embroidered pique, accent the body of the dress...and serve as a wonderful place for Ann to hide her treasures! The dress has a back snap closure.

A matching, cloche style hat sets off Ann Estelle's winsome smile. The crown is made of the plaid dotted swiss fabric, and the brim is white pique accented with an embroidered spray of flowers that echoes that on the collar. Bands of navy and green encircle the hat, and a braided red rosette provides the finishing flourish!

A small navy crocheted shoulder bag, also accented with a red rosette, is a necessary accompaniment to the outfit. In the true style of a "little lady"....a small "pearl" bracelet is included with the outfit.


Take a look at what Ann's Mother caught sight of in her pocket!! No wonder she asked if she had to ACT ladylike!!! As always. . . . . her devilish side wins out!!....