Dress*Ups by pj

**the difference is in the details**

Christmas is "for the Birds"!! 

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Sophie
by pj

Treats for the "Tweets"!!!

Sophie, in the spirit of the Christmas season. . .is hard at work making  Christmas TREATS for the "Tweets" that live in her back yard!!

After covering the kitchen in birdseed and peanut butter. . .Sophie has the  fruits of her labor. . . a trio of "tasty" seed balls, nestled in her basket.  

Donning her warm cape, she is ready to decorate the little evergreen out back where a family of cardinals is spending the winter.

And what does Sophie find when she gets outside? 
 Wellll. . . it looks like the little evergreen is already decorated! 

. . .With shiny red berries, a fresh coating of snow...and what must be a million birds. . .

Just waiting for the finishing touch to their tree. . . .
 . . .Sophies delectable seed coverd balls! 

A perfect start to the Christmas season!


Plaid. . . .Patched. . . . Pleated Skirt

Handknit  AngoraTurtleneck Sweater

Embroidered Wool Felt Cape

Embroidered & Appliqued Tam

Striped Socks * Handpainted Boots

Sophie's Basket of  treats. . .
and her backyard Christmas Tree!