Dress*Ups by pj

**the difference is in the details**

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Sophie, Ann Estelle & friends
 Bitty Bethany Kish
(post sale fittings made to ensure correct fit for either doll)***********
by pj


 I watched a tiny butterfly * Go swooping through the air 
Blue and gold and yellow * His colors were so fair

And as he sailed * Up in the sky
I rose upon tip toes * And to my surprise
Before my eyes * He landed on my nose!

My eyes they crossed *  That I might see
This tiny little thing * But in a breath and heartbeat
The butterfly took wing.

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~


Yes, a butterfly on the nose, Sophie found, is a regular occurrence when visiting the Children's Garden at Longwood Gardens!
And on the arm, head, elbow. . . and anywhere else they take it in their minds to bestow upon you their little "kisses"!!  What fun it is to be THAT close to such delicate bits of nature!

Colorful flowers, sweet smells, and more beautiful butterflies than anyone can imagine!  A treat for the senses to be sure!

Just one more reason to love summertime!


Pleated Linen Slacks
. . . . crisp white linen, featuring a row of embroidered rosebuds
along each pleat.  A loop and bead closure at the ankle keeps the slacks nicely tapered.

 Sleeveless Knit Top
 . . . . patterned with delicate rosebuds & butterflies, features a high neck collar, cut in arm holes and ruffled hem

Wool Felt Jacket
. . . bolero styled, and sporting crisp linen cuffs that are embroidered with dainty pink rosebuds.  An appliqued and embroidered  butterfly flits across the front in search of those pretty buds!!

Wool Felt Beret ~ Hair Ribbon

Hand painted Shoes
. . . painted with a touch of coordinated colors and tiny roses to accent the scalloped trim.

Sophie's very own Butterfly Purse
. .

As you see, this outfit also fits Bitty Bethany as well!   She INSISTS on her own hat tho!


All clothing is crafted in a smoke-free environment.